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Death Rituals and Diversity

Understanding different cultures and religious is the main expression of tolerance as faith often defines an important part of an individuals’ personality. It can help minimize misunderstandings between different faith communities reducing the chance of conflict. Cultural practices considering death connected with ideas what happens after death to create the basis of religion (Bryant 5). Funeral rituals and ceremonies vary all over the world in every religion depending on different believes have historical roots in every culture.

Christians and Muslims are the largest world religious with many points of contact. However, some distinctions in beliefs and practices characterize differences in funeral rituals. Muslims bury the body within 24 hours as they believe the soul leaves the body at the moment of death. Christians may be buried or cremated in accordance to their preference; however, cremation is not allowed in Islam. In case of cremation, Christians can bury or scatter the ashes anywhere the family chooses. Some Christian families keep the ashes at home in suitable containers (Goldman 187).

Muslims usually do not use a coffin replacing it by the chamber with the wooden board to avoid the contact between earth and the body. The grave should be simple without any decoration; however, Christians usually decorate their graves with sculptures, flowers, etc. (Isca 28). According to Islamic funeral rituals the body should be wrapped in a white shroud and laid out with the head facing Mecca. Christians dress the deceased in light clothes and the face should be turned to the East.  

All the Christians have a chance to view the deceased before burying. Islam forbids the presence of women in the graveyard and male staff should handle male patients and vice versa. Muslims are not permitted to excessive expression of grief.

Death rituals in every religion depend on cultural traditions and beliefs of every society. Funeral practices speak much about how people live. Due to worldwide communication system to know and respect the others faith not to hurt or disturb the opponent is very important.

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