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Will moving the pizza from the back to the front of the college cafeteria result in more pizza sales?

The marketing problem evident in this case is lack of product awareness and lack of product visibility. The target customers have little awareness of the pizzas as they do not see them on display, hence low purchase levels. Therefore, moving pizza from the back to the front of the cafeteria is highly likely to increase sales, due to the temptation of consumption and impulse buying created by the increased awareness and product visibility.

The most appropriate data collection method to identify and solve this marketing drawback would be through short personal interviews. The customers would be asked on their awareness of pizza availability in the cafeteria, as well as their purchase levels. Personal interviews are advantageous as they are flexible and help to yield valuable customer insights, through firsthand customer feedback.

The major disadvantage of this method of data collection would be that some customers might not give genuine feedback on their opinions, hence possibility of bias. Besides, some respondents may not allocate time for the interviews hence inaccessibility and limited data.

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Defining the purpose of the research and the marketing problem is part of the other four steps of market research process. In this scenario, the purpose is to increase sales of pizzas. The problem, as aforementioned, is lack of the product awareness and visibility. The next step is identifying the appropriate research design and research plan. This includes identification of thee research data collection methods and strategies as well as the process of analysis and implementation of solutions. Thirdly, after data collection, data analysis step follows which includes locating trends in the data, and knotting findings. The final step is implementation step where the results of the research are used to find solutions and implementing the chosen strategies. The strategies in this case include moving the pizza to the front of the cafeteria.


The major problem identified in this case study is lack of product awareness by the customer, created by lack of exposure and visibility of the product. The fact that the pizzas are only available and stored at the back of the cafeteria after being prepared, limits the customer’s ability to see, admire, and want for the pizzas. Moving the pizzas to the front of the cafeteria where the students can easily see them would therefore be the most likely productive move. Marketing problems can be solved through market research that includes data collection, marketing problem identification, research plan, data analysis, as well as reporting findings and implementing the suggested solutions. These steps ensure increased sales, as the main objective of solving marketing problems is to boost sales by increasing purchases and customer relations.

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