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Fashion in European Armor

How Does Fashion in European Armor Apply to Current Fashion Such as Gladiator Shoes and Designer?

Condra, Jill. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing through World History: 1501- 1800.

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2008.

The book is a good scholarly source with adequate information on clothing in the past. Therefore, it is a good base of information regarding European armor in addition to showing how fashion came to be. It is a rich source with reliable information about the Spanish colonists, soldiers, as well as clerics who wore current European fashions. The author reveals that although armor was fading from European fashion, the early conquistadores often put on metal breast plates as well as heavy metal helmets. This is crucial information in understanding the relationship between European armor and the current fashion.

Fashion Theory, 11.1 (2007):  41-64Macaraeg, Ruel. Dressed to Kill: Toward a Theory of Fashion in Arms and Armor.

The author has applied fashion principles to evaluate various matters related to armor. Important to my topic is how the armor fashion has endured as well as flourished during the modern times in spite of the elimination of weapons from modern civilian fashion. Therefore, the journal is a scholarly source with detailed information that will enrich my research.

Metropolitan Museum. Fashion in European Armor. Web. 12 Apr. 2013

The article reveals that fashion during the European armor was subject to change. This implies that the European armor has some influence on the current fashion. It shows that the current fashion is founded on the European armor. The article shows that the armor changed because of technical advances, alterations in taste and aesthetic as well as arty expression during every phase of its growth. Therefore, it is a rich source of information for my research.

The book provides a clear picture of European armor and the transitions, which have seen its fashion change. The author shows how the armor has changed with time and demand of different arties depending on the season, such as sports and war time, the plate armor remained. Therefore, it’s a good source for my research because it has detailed information, which is reliable and showing connections of the armor and the current fashion.Steele, Valerie. The Berg Companion to Fashion. Berg, 2010.

Stokstad, Marilyn and Michael Cothren. Art History. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2011. Print

This is a primary source, which will be a reliable source of information for my research paper. The book has detailed information about different kinds of art, which include fashion. Therefore, the book will provide adequate information for fashion in European Armor applicable to current fashion including gladiator shoes and designer.

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