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Fast Food

American, and indeed the rest of world have been attracted to the consumption of fast food. Corporation, such as McDonalds are growing at a rather alarming rate as more people continue to find solace in the consumption of such meals. However, underneath such exponential growth lie misery for the average American who has become accustomed to the consumption of fast food.

Fast food has been established as a radical force among the Americans (Schlosser).The society has embraced the use of fast food due to its reliability and affordability. The report outlined by the health program foundation showed that majority of the social workers depends entirely on fast food as their meals (Lankford 21). Following this trend, in the next decade, there will be an increased dependency on fast food across the region, as can be evidenced by the mushrooming outlets selling fast food. Indeed, society has ignored the impact of regular consumption of fast food on an individual’s health as can be seen from Joe Cross case. Ideally, many households have shifted from relying on cooking from fresh foods, but they tend to focus on fast food. Households consume microwaved food as their daily diet with no fresh vegetables or fruits to supplement their diet. Although this has been the norm over the past decade, research shows that substituting fast food with meals is unhealthy, and children should be discouraged from consuming junk food.

Apart from cost effectiveness, corporations continue to instill in the minds of citizen that consumption of fast food is good for their health. Indeed, companies make packaging of such foods attractive to allure everybody (Jakle). In most of the restaurants, fast foods are displayed in a strategic position where the consumers can easily have a glimpse. The newspapers and magazines, which carry enticing advertisements, usually display ‘mouth watering’ snacks that an individual cannot ignore. Such has prompted majority of the Americans to rely on fast food as their sole meal. The restaurant’s owners have realized the weakness of consumers, and most of the products are appealing to the consumer’s eye. Moreover, processing and packaging of fast food has been found to be unhealthy a fact that is unknown to many consumers (Schlosser, 33).

As corporation gear up to make more money as a majority of people cognitive to suffer because of the consequences of operate greed, citizens can get solace from the escapades of people like Jim Crow (Cross).

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