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Part 1

In the contemporary world, people cannot help but wonder how accessible many business empires are. This is because the world has transformed into a small village. It is a small village for the reason that if one needs to access Pepsi products then they do not need to visit the USA to enjoy them. Alternatively, they find the products in the comfort of their countries since Pepsi has invested in many states thanks to globalization. This then brings to human understanding the meaning of this concept. Globalization originates from the word globe, which is the world. Globalization then means ability to access resources from the world. The reasons are either tangible or in the form of information. Tangible material comes in the form of things that persons can feel and touch. Globalization brings people from various communities and cultures closer and allows them to share resources. The most significant aspect of globalization is its ability to bring multinational companies closer to many countries. Persons buy foreign goods and access their services through direct selling or personal contact. Technology aids in making effective the essence of technology. For instance instead of buying an Apple IPad by visiting Canada, one will find a dealer in the USA or they can access the gadget through the internet and social networking.

People also question the rationale behind this concept. Some are for it while others debate against it. This paper discusses it positive impact to the society by deliberating for it. Globalization is an important facet of the society with most of its activities bringing people closer than usual. It saves investment and accessibility costs whilst saving time. For instance instead of visiting a foreign country to acquire quality education, students do online edification programs or visit campuses of the foreign institutions established in their countries. This among other benefits including efficiency and effectiveness justify the importance of this concept in the society. Other negative factors like encouragement of promiscuity and anonymity encompass only few of its shortcomings. Additionally, its advantages surpass its negated functions. The most significant element of globalization is its ability to transform in a volatile world. Today, globalization is not about goods only, it is also about transmission of information through law, economic transactions, and social networking. This means that people from other states adopt new governance styles from foreign nations and spread such positive cultures to other countries. Globalization often comes into view as a force of life, an observable fact devoid of limits or substitutes.

Part 2

Many adverts and videos demonstrate how globalization changes many industries including the Santa’s world clip, in which a journalist investigates the authenticity of globalization in Indonesia. Through this advert, many persons find interest in this country and seemingly visit it either personally or through the internet. This is because the journalist tells stories of Indonesia from its inception to date. People take interest in history because they love comparing it to the future. The second clip of Santa’s world also highlights activities involved in the construction of toys in China. As such, it addresses the benefits and difficulties of the workers in the industry. Through such videos, people learn new ideas while Santa’s world markets its products. On the other hand, the Pepsi video reviews international struggle for recognition through the sale of soft drinks. In so doing, Pepsi and Coca Cola compete on a global platform for attention. Through global efforts, the two drinks make huge amounts of cash after creating awareness and receiving publicity. The third video talks of the wars of the South African mines and the global recognition of such problems by the Global Union. These among other adverts including the Nike videos indicate the level of influence globalization has on society.

The above reviewed videos show the causes and effects of this concept. They are either positive or negative depending on the level of impact it portrays. In the case of solving disputes in the South African and Santa’s world cases for instance, it influences the countries involved by calling for international attention and aid. In adopting such procedures, this paper generates a company that deals in advertizing on behalf of other entities. It is an advertising agency like Zenith Optimedia and seeks to gain international accolade through this practice. The Ad agency named Intercom Ad services based in the UK does not fully depend on franchising to attain its mandate but rather uses the internet and other technologies to access clients. They advertise both goods and services. This also means that they have personal copywriters who formulate appropriate adverts for the target population. This is a business venture whose profit margins must match the advertising efforts. As such, when advertising for instance on behalf of Intel, they must formulate adverts that target computer savvy individuals who show receptiveness to change. In so doing, they must observe ethics by ensuring honest, decency and inability to take advantage of the vulnerable persons. This is a societal obligation based on principles. Additionally, Intercom Ad services will take part in Community Social Responsibility forums that will give it the necessary publicity to the populace and the world. Furthermore, the company plans to do a series of philanthropic programs in a bid to help the society develop. This is through the support of edification systems, health programs, and awareness opportunities.

Intercom Ad services suits various populaces including people who trade in commodities like fashion wares, technological products and information among many more things. The Ad agencies probably targets high-end and low-end users who have the ability to access modern products. This is because adverts require the attention of the highest number of persons. Investing in every country is an expensive endeavor. This means that social networking acts as the quickest and the cheapest means of reaching the society. In as much as everyone is concerned, advertizing involves the use of various media in reaching the target audience. By achieving this, Intercom Ad services will bring into reality the element of globalization. It will create awareness for the companies it advices for, the products and itself. Finally, Intercom Ad services will save a lot of money since the technique it uses to reach the mass targets a wide group within the shortest time possible. The use of billboards, national television, and multi media will aid Intercom Ad services reach the segmented public.

In conclusion, globalization is a wide concept that needs a wise approach if used carelessly; it can cause many problems that might result in adverse effects for the company in question. The Intercom Ad service is one such entity that uses globalization to make effective its functions in the society. It targets both end users in the society since it needs to garner the highest amount of profits. The only difference in audience target is when structuring the message. For instance, most adverts in relation to diapers target mothers; those on sweets target kids while those on machines target men. This market segmentation makes a company strike a niche in a competitive market. The last important aspect of globalization refers to the observance of ethics and environmental concerns. The two functions help the Ad agency create credibility with the public.

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