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International Relations and Terrorism

Pay riding refers to a situation where one enjoys the goods and services only after paying for them. On the other hand, free riding is when one buys and uses the stock of goods and services, but does not pay for them - one enjoys an activity without pay. For example there are many countries that are free riding on the action by U.S to counter terrorism. However, countries like Spain, Honduras and Dominican are cooperating hand in hand to effectively realize counter terrorism (Fratianni & Kang 2004).

A unilateral decision occurs when a country single-handedly resolves to address international trade and security issues without cooperating with other countries. Though with time this country can turn to multilateral by co-operating with other countries so as to share the cost and work together to realize the solutions made in one accord. In this case we say that the unilateral solution and efforts have changed to be multilateral in nature.

It is cost effective to spend more in dealing with hand-full people that are bound to terrorize United States. The September 11, 2001 attack in U.S was pioneered by Osama bin Laden and other 19 Arabians allied to him. This hand-full people caused big destruction where more than 3,000 people died at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and on the planes (Fratianni & Kang 2004). Therefore, it is important for a nation to spend more to combat this inhuman act and avert sudden reduction in the economy.

Hardened border paradox is a security border policy deployed to tighten the security level within the borders of different countries. This is done to shut down the flow of unlawful commodities, weapons of mass destruction, illegal migrants, foreign diseases and terrorists. On the other hand, open border paradox implies a border with no much restriction depending on the agreement between the two bordering countries. Citizens can migrate and do their businesses freely. In order to overcome hardened and open border paradox, the bordering countries should mutually form a committee of experts to review their border policies. These countries should agree to work together and strike an agreed policy that will govern their trade, migration of citizens and mutually cooperate to deal with terrorists (Fratianni & Kang 2004).

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