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Women Rights in Pakistan

The paper is written in a Pakistani setting. It outlines the problems faced by women in the society and their struggle for freedom in the 1970. The writer describes how the Islamic culture condemned the existence of women and how this condemnation facilitated the mental colonization of women. The writer uses several artistic styles such as poetry, symbolism and local dialect in her attempt to express the situation. This report also discusses how other women in the world have suffered alike. In her attempt to address the situation, Jafar advises women to be more aggressive and have the self-motivation to fight for their rights. She says that this is the only way to free from the chains of male chauvinistic world.

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As a doctorate of sociology, he interest in gender development is unlimited. She explores how the transnational feminist movements in the third world countries managed to raise the level of self-awareness in women. This dissertation examines the role of women in the nongovernmental organizations of Pakistan.  Other than just demonstrating an analysis of women productivity in a socioeconomic political setting, she limits herself to gender identity as a clear definition of women subjects.

Although the involvement of women to the struggle for independence was minimal, the post-independence era recorded high achievements especially in family laws. The post-independent Pakistan did not improve a woman’s status but only cultivated an environment fit for their struggle to thrive.  A few women made their marks in media, law and education highlighting themes that ought to oppress them and their struggle within the domestic life.  The author analyses the milestone in women oppression and their struggle for empowerment as well as the results that were brought about from the struggle. She also points out key female personnel who made a landmark in the history of Pakistan like Benazil Burto.

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