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Political Situation in China Preceding

The teachings of Confucius focused on issues related to governance, morality and justice. The political situation in China has continued to evolve from the ancient times, during the era of Confucius and after the Confucius ideologies. This paper explores the political situation in China in these three different time periods.

The period preceding the Confucius era saw a Chinese society that had ancient political systems that were based on monarchial rule and lasting dynasties and chieftainships. There were no written formal rules governing human relations. The ancient dynasties were based on imperialism and dictatorship as the chiefs and the chieftainships subdivided and ruled with a fist. Slaves were considered properties of their masters and the rulers lived out of coercive taxation of the governed. No formal political and legal institutions were in place to respond to the plight of the weak. Political supremacy was thus the order of the day.

The onset of Confucius and his political and philosophical ideologies introduced new political direction in China. This period marked the beginning of the age of reason, rationality and establishment of formal structures of governance and the legal frameworks. As a district governor in his home province, Confucius shaped the political situation of his time and is credited for having instituted reforms and established fair justice system. With the legal and political transformations, Confucius promoted for communism as a political ideology.

The post-Confucius era has seen the political situation in China even shape up. Democratic principles that were planted by Confucius such as “Political Confuciusm” remain and continue to shape the political platform and ideologies in China. These include respect for human rights, fair and justified rule of law and equality before the law irrespective of position of class in the society. This perhaps explains the reason for the peasant revolutions and the later growth of peasantry and peasants as agents of socio-political transformation.

In conclusion, Confuciusm has greatly impacted and transformed the political conditions and situations in the modern day China. Though not fully acceptable, the philosophies of Confuciusm ushered in a new Chinese society that is governed by democracy, respect of rights and equality of all before the supreme law.

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