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United States of America is a state that can be viewed to be rich in cultural diversity since time memorial of human kind migrations. According to the 2010 census results it was clear that a lot of immigrants had entered the country and the figures keep on rising every year. The influx of immigrants is two sided as it has some benefits to the nation of America, and, on the other hand, the immigrants have raised concerns about their increasing population in a struggling economy.

The cultural diversity in America has led to a whole new experience to the natives and the immigrants too. For instance in some of the cities of America especially the in the main cosmopolitan states there exist rich cultural exchanges. Therefore, this can be depicted or inferred to as tourism experience brought home or imported. For example, through interactions with people from other nations the citizens of America are able to experience diversity in food, dressing and lifestyles keep on changing. This can be attributed to the various cultures that the immigrants bring with themselves into the country.

Another notable benefit is the creation of freedoms of people so as to integrate different cultures into the American lifestyle. For example, America takes pride in the diversity of social, economic and political lives.

In ancient America, the main religion was protestant but after immigrants who came from Europe infiltrated into the country catholic among other faiths was introduced.

The diversity in culture, in the United States of America, has also been beneficial in terms of helping to cure the nation the racist image. The world can now view America as a home away from home because of their hospitality gestures extended by the government and the citizens of America. Racism is a painful experience for people who lived in America in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Therefore, the integration of other races into America is part of a journey that seeks to do away with the racism image painted in the early centuries.

However, the increased diversity has generated some consequences that cannot be overlooked in America. For instance, the different cultures in this nation have generated some barriers in communication especially institution and other social amenities. Language barrier worst hit the learning facilities with the immigrant being forced first to undergo extra coaching in English. This is to enable them communicate that is for non English speakers.

Another impact generated from the wealth in cultural diversity is the spread of discrimination among the citizens. However, it is noted that significant milestones have been achieved in the fight against racism and discrimination, there is still the passive discrimination still being practiced. In most of the work places, people tend to associate by people they share same social class and maybe of the same language. Interesting this discrimination may not be voluntary but inspired by the sense of the need to belong and associate with certain people, therefore, passing as discrimination.

The richness in cultural diversity has led to the emergence of serious concerns in America, especially in these hard economic times. There are numerous concerns raised about the American economic status and it ability to provide jobs for the whole population. It is clear that the unemployment rate in United States has been on the increase and, therefore, extending warm gestures to immigrants would the situation worse. Many of the natives feel that the immigrants do take up their jobs leaving them unemployed in their own country, therefore, the resentment in the natives.

Losing of American cultural heritage and customs is another concern among the Americans. In as much as cultural diversity is celebrated by the many of the citizens, it leaves behind a lot of concern. The nightmare of depletion of American identity still lingers in many especially the aged. The aged feel that the intermarriages across cultures has led to a dominated American culture by the other races.

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