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I believe one of the most important inventions of our time was the invention of smartphones. They make our life easier and more comfortable, changing many things in our life. For example, they help maintaining connections between people around the world and give the people anything they want to know. They have a great advantage, and they decrease our usage of the computers and laptops. Their another advantage is that the social networks become more accessible, and we can store our information in the mini sd card. We can also take pictures, and it is very easy to chat with all of our contacts, share information, and trace our local or global position.

All of us know the importance of internet in our everyday life. Most of the people cannot live without it, but they run into a big problem that they have to face on a daily basis. These people cannot use internet unless they are in the places with stable wireless internet hotspot. Smartphones change this concept and they allow you to have internet anywhere you go. In fact it is similar to using a small laptop or netbook that can be used wherever you go. 

They also have the applications for everything you might only wish for, like the applications for using social network, games, image processing programs, and many things that would let you enjoy using them. I believe smart phones are one of the greatest inventions, and I love the fact that a small thing in your hand can hold everything you could possibly need and it all comes up at the touch of a button or screen, since most modern smartphones use touch-screen for data input instead of the traditional phone or qwerty keyboard.

Therefore these phones could be helpful for the children. Nowadays many children have their own smartphones, so parents and teachers can use them to make the children learn more by using the educational applications that teach the kids a lot of great things in good way simultaneously by having fun and joy and educational effect at the same time. According to the statistical data the number of these programs is increasing, which means that the number of children who are using them on the smartphones is increasing as well. Just like any other technological device, smartphones have a negative side, since children may use it in a wrong way. I believe parents should be aware of that and they should also guide their children to the ways smartphones should be used properly.

In case you ask how these phones work, the answer is very simple. All of them are based on an operating system that allows them to run applications. Apple's iPhone runs the iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones run theBlackBerry OS. Other devices run Google's Android OS, HP's webOS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone.  Due to the fact that the 3G AND 4G technologies were introduced and are currently intensively integrated in the latest models of smartphones, they become capable of working at much higher speeds of data exchange compared to their predecessors, operating the 2G networks. So it can be used without any problems for the set-up of high-speed connections.

Depending on the smartphone’s operating system, users can get an advantage or disadvantage, respectively. For instance, Android is one of the most spread and popular system throughout the world, as it offers a very user-friendly interface, and a lot of people appreciate it for the possibility of fast and trouble-free connection to almost any personal computer or a similar device, running any operating system. This way its users can share personal information and media like pictures, videos, audio-files etc. Android developers are constantly improving its functionality, ensuring support of the top services and software. It uses both the programs designed for it and the third-party software. All of these programs, games and utilities can be obtained at Play Market, a special site for the Android smartphones users.

Apple IPhone runs the iOS, a special operating system, designed exclusively for these smartphones. Its creators guarantee high performance of the system as it is tailored specially for the hardware, used in iPhones. These smartphones are popular all over the world, although their main market is the USA, where the smartphones are extremely popular due to the brand name.

The Blackberry operating systems were initially designed for Blackberry smartphones, but currently they are losing their market share in the US due to the rising popularity of the smartphones, running Android and iOS. However, Blackberry remains a brand of the business smartphones that keeps its strong place in its market niche due to the simplicity of design and the presence of the most essential tools, helpful to the businessmen. 

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