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The Main Causes of Stress for an Individual in the Workplace and How the Individual Can Help to Control Such Stress

Today people face a fundamental problem of stress that impacts the quality of life, human’s behaviour and health. Statistic shows that people of all ages, even children suffer from stress. That is why it is natural for the individuals to find a way of bringing the pressure down, relaxing and becoming unworried. Know your enemy to fight him; that is why the first question to be discussed in the given paper is what stress is and what are its symptoms. Statistics show that much of the workforce now is unhealthy and cannot drive improvements in productivity so much needed by every country (Mikkelsen 1999). Therefore, the paper will seek to analyze the significance of managing stress for the employee’s well-being and for the success of the business as a whole. It is also imperative to distinguish the main reasons of stress in the workplace and give recommendation how to reduce stress and even to avoid stressful situations.

What is stress?

Stress is a particular reaction of the body to a particular unpleasant situation. By means of providing the needed amount of hormones, human’s organism protects us from the stressful situations that we face every day at home, at work or even in the supermarkets. Without any doubt, there are dangerous situations that are difficult to be whipped, but mostly, in everyday cases people have a possibility to prevent stress and even learn how to protect themselves and avoid stress.

The impact of stress to body, thoughts, behavior, feelings

The impact of stress is dangerous to a person’s health and can cause a lot of problems. When a person is stressed, the blood pressure rises and breathing becomes hastier. The metabolism slows down, and this can cause extra fat or problems with the digestive system. What is more, stress impacts negatively heart rate as pulse rises. All these factors make the immune system go down, the muscles become tense, and people face sleep disorders as there is a heightened state of alertness.

Stress affects on the humans thoughts, body, behavior and feelings. The individual usually wants to eat sweat all the time, stress may cause a chest or back pain. There are also such symptoms as frequent headaches, problems with heart, loss of libido. The least seems to be endless because the effect of stress on the body is shocking.

The same situation is with the effect of stress on the individual’s thoughts and feelings. You may fell anger or anxiety, cry often and feel depressed. Fatigue, sadness…. The situation is dangerous for the nervous system. 

That all influence on behavior and life. An individual begins eat too much or little, it often happens anger outbursts, can also be the reason for drug or alcohol abuse and lead to relationship problems.

The most common reasons of stress

Each person may react differently in situations that are underlined as the most common causes of stress. The most common causes of stress can be bereavement, financial or family problems, illness, relationships, job issues, moving to another country, lack of time, driving in  heavy traffic, conflicts at the workplace or losing a job, fear of something, ecological factors such as pollution, too much noise, etc.  However, it should be pointed that not only negative events can cause stress; even becoming parents can be the matter.

Workplace stress

Workplace stress is the topic, we would like to sign on, and especially nowadays as his problem becomes urgent. People say that it is hard to handle with the work stress even in good times, and under the rise of unemployment that we face today, it becomes even harder. The point is that workplace stress is often not easy to identify, and if the person is able to do this, he will have the possibility to know what steps to make in order to deal with stress. Here we are to underline the top causes of stress in the workplace.

  • On the first position in this rating is the usual situation of being overworked. This is considered to be the most noticeable of all the stress factors. A person becomes tired when there is too much work to do and insufficient time to do it in. It often stands in one line with unreasonable pressure on the employee in order to hit those deadlines.
  • The second reason for stress on the working place is being underworked.
  • The next among the most significant factors is job security. This means that though job security doesn’t really exist anymore, nevertheless, in an economic recession, the stress of not having job security can be sincerely magnified.
  • The next item that causes the stressful situation is progression. That means no one is eager to work on the same position with the purpose of getting the next level in a working rank. Under such circumstances the employee looses calm and becomes a running for bigger salary and bigger problems.
  • One more thing that can be the evident cause of stress in the working place is when you work on the wrong job. That means the person has not unsatisfactory skills or experience to handle and no opportunity to study how to do this or a support.
  • Blame culture is also considered to be the most frequent cause of stress in the workplace. When a person do not want to admit  mistakes and  to learn more about the work and how to do everything correct, the situation becomes really stressful and even lead to loose of a job place.
  • Bad management in the company can be the cause of team directionless and in the situation of disorganization many of employees can fell stress and pressure.
  • It also should be reminded that no support network, and poor working environment can cause the situation when the employee is not able to handle with some problems and appears in a stressful situation. (Stephen Bevan, 2010)

The significance of managing stress

It should be underlined that the significance of managing stress for the employee’s well-being and for business success cannot be underestimated nowadays. Stress at the workplace is one of the most critical problems which represent a serious obstacle for growing prosperity (Dille 1999). Much of the workforce suffers from stress and its consequences; that is why society faces difficulty introducing improvements into different spheres of life.

On the one hand, appropriate work organization cannot indemnify a person from all factors that cause stress. However, it should be noted that many employers have recently adopted “measures aimed at promoting health and well-being among their employees.-” (?kerstedt et al. 2002).  Firstly, the company arranges the workers’ workplaces and promotes a friendly atmosphere in their offices.  Secondly, the organization attempts to influence some aspects of their staff members’ physical and emotional welfare to improve their productivity, assurance and attendance. This is made by means of providing high-quality jobs, which provide the staff members with more control, independence and participation (Coats, Lehki 2008).

On the other hand, today’s global economic situation requires hard work, and many organizations trying to stay afloat and keep the business running, do everything possible to avoid bankruptcy mainly using their workforce, which obviously presupposes extra work for the staff. Cases when a company has to cut the staff number become more frequent. Consequently, the work load on a single employee is doubled since one employee must work for the two. As a result, all this creates a situation when an employee gets an extra stress, and the opportunity for success of the company decreases.

One more fact is that there are still not a lot of employers who do not see their worker’s health and well-being as the private responsibility. Scientists state, that a great amount off “the wider economic costs of ill-health, chronic disease and incapacity.”  (Stephen Bevan, 2010)

It is also argued about the necessity for employers to take care of their staff philological health not just in order to get benefit from their work later, but as a part of the obligatory social responsibility.

The role of employers in stress reduce

It must be given the following example here, as this shows how really the work with people must be organized. In the UK there is a special organization “Investors in People” that helps to engage workers in the issues of employee health and well-being.  It uses a perfect and effective model “of a set of standards and a network of highly experienced assessors, Investors in People has been developing, piloting and evaluating approaches aimed at engaging employers – large and small, public and private – in more thoughtful consideration of employee health and well-being as a business performance issue.” (Stephen Bevan, 2010) They try to influence on the legalization of their policy and procedures in order to make this obligatory for each corporation to take care of their employees. These steps are suggested for the employers in order to help their employees defuse stress in the workplace:

1. It is suggested to create supportive, “self-directed stress management tools like the B-R-E-A-T-H-E technique… The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day.”(Steven Diamond, 2010) 

2. When it is necessary to do an extra work the employees are to be informed beforehand and the employer must appreciate the workers in any possible way.

3. The employer must motivate and support the workers to achieve appropriate goals.

4. Employees are to be encouraged to take short time-outs.

5. Special groups where workers will have a possibility to discuss some stressful situations in the workplace are to be organized in each office.

6. The workers are to be encouraged to go in for sports and come to office on bikes, make 5 minutes exercise in the workplace. It is also great to organize after work sport activities and encourage workers to attend Jims or aerobic.

7. The employee must provide the possibility for the workers to eat healthy food.


To make a conclusion, it should be underlined, that, unfortunately, stress is an integral part of today’s lifestyle, and it may cause serious consciences. Therefore, a number of recommendations as to handle stress can be given:

  • Do regularly exercises or better form a habit to go in for sports.
  • Try to practice the division of your responsibilities at work.
  • Do not agree to do what is not at your responsibility.
  • Do not use alcohol and drugs to manage your stress.
  • Do not consume many drinks containing caffeine.
  • Eat healthy food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Leave some time for yourself and find time to relax.
  • Master some useful breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Share your thoughts and worries with family or friends.

Both for the government and individuals it is vital to take measures in order to improve the health of the working age population. Nowadays this becomes an economic, social and clinical necessity. For example, according to research, in Britain “ill-health among the UK’s working age population costs the economy ?100 billion each year – equivalent to the annual cost of running the NHS or the GDP of Portugal” (Danna and Griffin R1999). That is why it is crucial to deal with the stress problem on different levels.

Each person also must take responsibility for own health and use the recommendations in order to keep fit and qualify his/her life. The stressful situations often happens because we have some attitude towards the event and if we change our outlook or try to direct thoughts on something really positive we will avoid stress and become more happy.

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