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Tragedy is one of the oldest types of drama that was created by ancient Greeks. They loved to discuss such topics in dramas as love, loss, pride, the abuse of power, and the fraught relationships between people and gods, the relationships between government and a person, etc. Unlike the comedy, tragedy deals with more serious subjects and usually does not have a happy end. Tragedies are sad stories, so it is interesting to analyze why they are so popular nowadays and what Greeks loved about tragedies.

To my mind, the most important reason is that every reader can find himself in a particular context. We are all human beings, and we have almost the same troubles. Each tragedy, even if it was written thousands years ago, concerns a particular problem that could be close to everyone. The reader has the possibility to experience a difficult situation with the hero, to sympathize or criticize him. It does not really matter what kind of feelings the hero arouses in reader’s mind; more important is that he evokes any kind of feelings. Tragedy closely resembles our life, adapts us to real life, and shows us that life is not always the sunshine. People like to read stories even with bad endings if they know that this does not concern their lives. Readers become intrigued with the story and are curious about what will happen next.

I strongly believe that tragedies should be written and read by people in spite of the century, nationality or age. People always have themes that concern their lives; however,  sometimes, it is nice to feel emotions that are inappropriate for the situation we are in. Tragedies teach us to appreciate what we have and motivate us to appropriate behavior in a future.

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