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Walt Disney

Walt Disney is one of the biggest media companies in the whole world in terms of revenues. Since its founding by Walter Disney on October 16th, 1923, the company has registered a terrific deal of success across the borders. The organization was run by two brothers Roy and Walter Disney, and in this way Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio got its name (O’Neil 2004).  The Disney Brother Cartoon Studio was renowned for its quality production in animated content before it upgraded this to the film production and television. On this advancement in the production content, the brothers dropped the name Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and adapted the name “The Walt Disney Company,” which aimed to encompass all their productions including the cartoons. According to Griffin (2000), the change of name occurred 62 years after the founding of the company.

Over the years, the Walt Disney Company cut its niche in the entertainment industry, which was made possible by the good management. In the quest to becoming the best, Disney got into mergers with other companies as well as buying others. This enabled Disney to spread far and beyond (Harry 2002). The popular ABC television belongs to the Disney Company. Apart from entertainment production, the Walt Disney Company is involved in other activities like: parks and resorts, which deal with cruise liners, as well as other travel activities. Another branch deals with production of clothes and toys. The last of these sub companies of Disney organization is the media network, which runs the internet as well as the company’s television networks such as the ABC.

Despite Walt Disney Company registering the highest revenues for a long time, at some point something went wrong. The company found difficulties after the last of the remaining family member of the founder died. From then, the company was forced to downsize some of the companies it had bought, and terminated production and sold other companies. For example, in 2010, Miramax as well as the Touchstone companies had to be down sized. It was tough for Disney, and they had to shut down some companies; among the victims being the Lyric Street as well as the Image Movers Digital. Things were getting hotter at Disney and the popular ABC station had to be sold (Sehlinger 2010).

According to Sehlinger et al. (2010), the business in France that Disney put up had so many promises of success. France was chosen as the best city for the Euro destiny project. The choice came from the fact that France was considered to have acceptable climatic conditions, which were similar to that of Florida. The other factor was accessibility of the place by many individuals. Porter & Prince (2005) say that the setting up of business in France faced many huddles from the beginning; the natives were against it with the argument that their culture could be eroded. Despite this claim, the project was set up only to face another blow during its launching. It was expected that over half a million people would turn up. On the contrary, few people showed up. The situation was so worse that, Sehlinger et al. (2010) noted in every ten people that came to the hotel, only three were natives.

In consideration of the above performance in France, the Disney Company has learned that the location of their businesses is extremely essential. Some of the factors that can be considered in selecting the location include the political situations around the location. The politics of the day will always determine the direction of the business. Some governments will scare away investors, while others will attract them. The environment, including the weather, is fundamental to location of a business (Tuleja 2008). In Cape Town, South Africa, for example, the weather remains suitable for business to run the whole year unlike in Barcelona, where there is winter.

Development and access of the place is also essential in choosing the location of a business. A place like the Abudhabi, which has recorded tremendous growth, will be beneficial for business because of accessibility and convenience. The politics of the country are also friendly to investors. The culture in the place can also attract or scare visitors (Copodagli & Jackson 1999). A place like Barcelona will be a scare to some races, since in Spain racism is known to be rampant. The culture in Abudhabi is not known to many, and out of curiosity many people will be eager to go there and find out how things are. This, according to Aaseng (2002), makes the business grow

The technological advancements also make visitors feel safe and ease operations of business. In regard to this factor, Cape Town is on the lower side for selection of the best location of the business, despite the outstanding sceneries and climatic conditions. Abudhabi, on the other hand, has grown tremendously first in technology, combined with culture and scenic land not forgetting its luxurious hotels.

Finally, in the selection of the location of their businesses, the Walt Disney Company did put in some factors into consideration. They include politics, environment, social culture and technology. The social culture acceptance is crucial to avoid the France scenario, where the community failed to embrace the new investment.

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