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Writing Evaluation

One of the important and major aspects of modern studying methods is development of self esteem among the students. Writing evaluation of the topics they read and study during each day is one of the integral parts of development of self esteem. (Source Yelsma Paula – Self Esteem and Social Meaning- the Journal of Social Psychology-138.4 – January 2004). After examining many students in the university and sampling them in connection with the social respect in high schools and filling out questionnaires on the perspective and drop outs from the schools, one comes to develop his or her self esteem having been able to address the given task. “Book reviews are a good starting point for learning how to critique the work of others.”(Source: Christine B. Feak – Taking a Critical Stance: Evaluation in Academic Writing- University of Michigan- 2006)

Yet simple book reviews cannot explain the factors that really influence the attraction of the student in continuing in the academy where he or she is studying. Multiple other aspects need proper examination. Knowledge one already has can be examined in the perspective of such reviews thus creating a set of thesis and then it’s carefully constructed anti thesis. Using the two one can get the synthesis. One has to establish the topic and describe the potent in the theory advanced. General aim of writing evaluation is to find out the pros and cons of the topic and its core values. “Some evaluations cut across several disciplines, while others have a preferred status in one or two fields.” (Source: Ken Hyland – Study of 160 book reviews from 8 disciplines -2000) Frequently used terminologies for all these disciplines were useful, important, interesting, soft, clarity, accessibility, detailed and up-to-date.

Philosophers and applied linguists also describe books as detailed, insightful, significant or comprehensive and practical. Whatever terminology one use in the evaluation writing it has to be relevant to the topic evaluated and in each case the evaluator will have to advance the reasons for use of the particular terminology. In addition some of the pertinent factors relevant to evaluation writing are the target audience, purpose of the topic and questions that are addressed in the topic, conclusions derived from research, and evidences used. Once the results are derived the evaluator has to establish the validity and plausibility of the synthesis so derived.

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