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Fast Food

Essay Cause and Effect of Fast Food


In the past, most Americans used to eat fresh and healthy food prepared by their families at home. In the current society, technological advancements and globalization trends have greatly influenced what people eat and their eating habits (Clarke para. 10). These trends have led to popularity of the fast food, especially among the working class and the youths. The popularity is depicted by the increasing number of fast food restaurants in strategic locations such as shopping malls, educational institutions and sports arenas. The growth of globalised brands such as McDonald and KFC indicates that fast foods are popular and preferable. Some of the fast foods common among Americans include hamburgers, pizzas, milkshakes, French fries and fried chicken. The popularity of fast food culture has had several impacts on the social and economic aspects of Americans’ lives.

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Causes of the Increasing fast foods in the US

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of fast foods in the United States. One of the main reasons is the change in lifestyle due to technological advancements and globalization trends. For example, most employers advocate for high individual performance and organizational productivity, and one of the common measures is to increase the working hours. Other people end up working for long hours because they are being paid in terms of commissions. This, in turn, reduces the time that can be spent cooking fresh and healthy food (Hitti para. 5). In reference to lifestyle, most people are left with no choice but to eat in fast food restaurants. Tight work shifts and extended learning time also contribute to the increasing consumption of fast foods. It is also evident that the number of women working and attending schools has incredibly increased over the last decades. Given that the traditional notion that women are responsible for cooking is still prevalent,

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