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Klee and Malevich Essay


One of the most ancient discoveries and ventures in the world is art and specifically painting. Painting has been done on rocks and caves in many countries in the world. Painting has in a large extent contributed to civilizations. The arts of the two gentlemen that is, Paul Klee and Kasimir Malevich has been in existence for quite a long time and there are various differences and similarities of their art. The similarities and differences are depended on experience of the two artists. These differences and similarities feature their style, content, historical context and their artistic contents.

Similarities and Differences

In cross examination of the artistic works of the two there are more differences than similarities in their work composition. However, the only similarity is the color work, that is the color they have chosen and in fact it is a variety of colors. The dominant color they have used is red which is more pronounced, but Malevich has used limited red color compared to Paul Klee. Experience comes into play as the work of Paul Klee is more advanced in color and style whereby his style employs two-dimensional approach in many of his drawings or painting. In comparison Malevich has tried to use the two dimensional style but he hasn’t done it nicely, but by just trying to overlap. Another important difference comes about in the use of brushwork whereby Malevich has put or used intense color compared to Klee who has used his brush lightly thereby making his paintings light with so many colors used in the same drawing or painting. However, the spacial depth of Paul Klee artistic works has been more pronounced due to the 2- dimensional style that he used.

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The professional background of Paul Klee is best elaborated through his works and the background is well known whereas Malevich’s professional background is not well known. This is one of the differences that may illustrate their works for insight consideration. Klee started drawing at the age of 7 and he went as far university level doing fine arts unlike Malevich whose history is not well highly structured. Paul Klee was a person of arts as he even practiced the art of music while Malevich’s work is only in painting and limited paintings. Malevich has employed background color of which Klee has not considered in his paintings. There is also another big difference in terms types of paint used. Paul Klee has used oil, water and mixed paints in his work whereas Malevich has only used oil paint. “Klee applied several assorted types of media from oil paint, ink, watercolor, and others which he frequently blended into a single piece. He has been loosely linked with expressionism, cubism as well as surrealism” (Harrison, Frascina and Perry, 67). It is this professionalism of Paul Klee that has been employed to have drawing of various types using water and oil paint and this brings forth the difference from Malevich. Moreover, while Malevich has employed maximum geometry in his works as (Milner, 171) notes that, “Malevich’s works singularly use geometry to the expense of other artistic works in appeal of the eyes”, Klee has not concentrated in geometry as much. (Golding, 122) notes that, “the combination of geometry and brushwork makes the drawings more pronounced than the use of dimension”

The experience of Paul Klee is wider compared to Kasimir Malevich for the reason that, Klee widely travelled all over the world as far as North Africa to collect his artistic work and learn of other people’s paintings and drawings. This is why his (Paul Klee) works are in different and many museums around the world from Munich Germany to New York USA while Malevich’s work is based only in New York. However because of the internet their works are widely seen and studied around the world without boundaries. Due to this easier access to the works of the two, many other artists around the world have heard different opinions and interpretations concerning their artistic works. Many have said that Paul Klee has had the best of his painting unlike Kasimir Malevich whose paintings may not be so appealing to the eyes of many artists and other people whose field is not the art of painting. So far these opinions have not changed with time.


Both artist have delivered their messages across the world through their paintings and or drawings but the opinion of people around the world more especially historians have retorted that Paul Klee artistic works have emerged the best when comparing the two. Klee’s works are historical because he has humbly imitated ancient drawings but more appealing with creativity and culture.

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