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Breaking the Silence

The article “Breaking the Silence” outlines the challenges that face the black youth in America. Although this phenomenon is a reality, no one dares comment about it since it is considered to be galvanizing. The plight of the black teenagers is caused by both structural and cultural forces in the society. The structural alienation has worked against black teenagers who have instead ended up having babies and dropping out of school. Bill Cosby insists that it time these structural and cultural causatives of the challenges of the black be addressed by encouraging them to give education a priority. The black social cultural values that enabled them adapt to the challenges of slavery should thus be re-revisited.

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Anti-intellectualism remains the greatest challenge for the black Americans. The plight of the marginalized black Americans begins cyclical poverty and the fact that they are disenfranchised. It is estimated that only 50 percent of black children have educational attainment that is beyond high school level. However, the critical question worth asking is whether the menace of these populations is entirely to blame on socioeconomic structures of their society or the consequence of the white racist forces in operation. I think, the crisis is both caused by the racism and the perception of the black as helpless social group that are vulnerable to the constricted opportunities related to poverty and supreme acts of condescension.

The first move towards removal of forces of stratification and marginalization is not to maintain the status-quo through universal silence of the real issues. The solution is to be found in making deliberate efforts in creating many opportunities that can be accessed on the basis of equality. However, affirmative approaches can be employed to tilt the socioeconomic scale in favor of the worst-off. This will ensure that every child in America gains access to a descent life.

In conclusion, addressing the challenges facing the black minority must begin with the willingness to break the silence on the underlying issues of concern that are responsible for the current state of affairs. Further, focus must be directed towards addressing the structural, cultural and behavioral issues that have worked against the black teenagers in America. 

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