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Introduction for Churchgoers

It is a matter of general understanding and a traditional vision of things that makes people think that those people who go to church are better than others, or even perfect. In the particular case the name of the church, its type, will not be considered, since the subject of the discussion is a bit different – people, going to church. The peculiarities of such people’s actions and behavior will be revealed in the essay.

People go to church based on their religious beliefs, relying on their own reasons. Different people choose different churches, various time and frequency of going to the church. Most of them are united by the same motivation that drives them – they are willing to become better, closer to God.  This is very natural, as there is probably no single person on Earth who would not like to get better, and eventually become absolutely perfect and sinless. That is another reason for people to go to church, as they go there to pray for themselves, looking for salvation. I could list a number of occasions, proving this, but I will use my own example for explaining this phenomena. I do not go to church very often, but every time I go there, I feel myself a bit imperfect. Such condition of my mind does not let me remain idle, and I pray a lot, for the sake of myself and other people, asking God to make my life better and make me better. On the other hand, I understand that such changes cannot occur in one day, and I have to be very persistent in order to achieve my final goal. Leaving out the less important details, it appears that I admit my own imperfection and go to church for the sole purpose of making myself better. This kind of changes requires a lot of time that is why I remain imperfect.

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As it was already mentioned, people need some motivation for going to church. There is a certain category of people who go to church as they do not feel well, suffer from the incurable diseases, or have some other health-related issues. Such people may not have a very strong belief in the higher spirits, they may be totally unfamiliar with the way the particular church functions, who preaches at it etc. Such people might even be atheists, who do not believe in God at all, but they rely on their own call for life. They might learn something about a church, or just get inspired one day, and go there, but they certainly will not make the congregation, being unfamiliar with the church laws, traditions and settings. A good example of such churchgoers can be shown using people, who suffer from the chronic diseases, or incurable illnesses. For example, there is Mr. John Doe, who lived in Chicago for over fifty years, and never went to church before. He only went there for his friends’ weddings or funerals. It never occurred to him one day he would get brain cancer, and doctors would not be able to help him, as intrusive surgery would be impossible, and he would be stuck with his illness. He would abandon traditional medicine, oriental medicine would leave him with no results as well, and sorcerers would not be helpful as well. He would be seeking for any hope and start going to church regularly. It would not mean he became a good Christian, or started believing in God. He would be simply pretending to be a decent religious man, trying to save his life in any possible way. He would keep up the same habits, life principles, but use church as a last hope, ensuring himself regular visits there would help him get better and overcome his deadly illness.

Last, but probably the greatest in number is the category of churchgoers who do this to entertain themselves. Lots of young people, same as senior citizens, have plenty of free time they are willing to spend somehow. They wish to get to know some new people, to communicate with others, and they look for various options, one of which is going to church. Usually such people do not need any special motivation to go to church as long as they know there would be others who would like to have a conversation as well. The most interesting thing is that people sometimes even look for something more than just communication, trying to make new friendships or trying to start relationships. I have a really great example of such social behavior of the people. A friend of mine is just a good guy, who is tolerant to the religious people and respects their rights and their willingness to go to church. He quit going to church when he turned seventeen and moved away from his parents. Being an active college student, he knew a lot about different communities around campus, and he also noticed a women volleyball team, participating in lots of events. He liked a girl from that team, but she was not willing to communicate the person she did not know and who did not go to her church. It did not take my friend a lot of efforts to find out what church did she go to and he was already there during the next sermon, sitting one row behind the girl. They did not make the couple, as the girl did not like my friend, but he continued going to church as he met another beautiful girl there, and they are a happy couple. He does not go to church anymore, unless his girlfriend asks him to come along. 

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