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The Walt Disney Company is a known international entertainment company. Being a global entertainment company, the Disney’s experience many political differences as it operates in many states across the world. There are many ways in which this media affects the politics in the states that view its entertainment progress. The take can be observed through how the broadcast media favors several Democratic politicians in different countries that it airs its news in their campaigns.

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During campaigns, the media might decide to air the campaigns of the highly paying politicians. It may be because different political parties tend to offer to pay different amounts of cash to advertise their campaigns. Therefore, this gives the Disney’s a hard time in whether to air the highest bidder or to air both of the political issues at the same time.

Corruption by the political leaders. Many political leaders would not like their bad news to be animated or be aired to other states. It is done when the political leaders involved in scandals might not like it for their downfall story to be aired on other state's screen as news. The concept, therefore, makes the political leaders corrupt the press sessions as they might bribe the management team for the Disney’s to avoid the airing of their news.

The privacy of the different political systems has obviously been a challenge to the Disney’s as there are states that would not like their political issues to be exposed. They would otherwise opt for the total privacy of their political issues due to many reasons. Many states which are not stable politically might hate it for their political problems to be aired everywhere as it might sound as incitement.

The difference in the political age population in different states causes many countries to have matured political leaders. Since the political leaders and the political bodies have the power to direct the types of programs being aired in their country, they can decide on different programs. The view might clash in various states depending on the age of the politicians. The states with the old politicians naturally wouldn't opt for the same programs as the young groups of the politicians hence a political difference.

 The heads of states in different countries might be having misunderstandings. These misunderstandings may, therefore, lead to restrictions by the various states.  For instance, Kenya and Uganda might be having political differences affected by the differences in their heads of states leading to restrictions on programs and news from either country from being aired in the different countries. The states might give an order to the Disney restricting them from airing views or programs with political topics from their enemy state

Different political views in different countries. Different countries have a different perspective in which they want their political issues to be carried out. This, therefore, makes it difficult to come up with a program that best suits both of the states. The Disney, therefore, faces the challenge of designing programs with different teachings and views that may best suit the states regardless of their different political views.

The difference in gender roles according to the political ruling. There might be animations and viewings that are seen as killing the political culture in different states. For instance, there are different states with different political gender roles. For instance, there are a few states that would prefer animations and pictures taking the male gender as the leader always. On the other hand, only a few states would exercise gender equality in their political systems. Such states would only prefer viewing of the films and news regarding either females or males as the heads in different fields.

Countries that prefer men to be leaders in the political system then they would only prefer viewing articles taking the male gender as the leaders of the different political systems being advertised. This makes a restriction in the airing of their programs in such states. Hence, the Disney's have a hard time in regulating the types of programs being aired in such states.

The clashing of political seasons in some states. In the times when two countries are carrying out their political activities at the same time then the Disney’s have a hard time on deciding which political campaign should be advertised and which should go unaired. This might also lead to a misunderstanding between the states and the broadcasting company as the Disney’s might decide to stop promoting the politics hence losing the amount to be paid by both states.

Shifts in labor practices and relations might be an issue to the Disney’s especially in the states with different political clashes. In particular states, there might lack a qualified group of staff to work in the Disney offices. This might lead to an importation of staff from other states. The importation would, however, seem harder if the members to work there are from a state with political enmity with the other state. Therefore, Disney might face the challenge in shifting of the laborers.

The Disney’s, however, cause some change and differences in the political operations and status of states. Some texts and theme parks are majorly based on some individual states. This, however, might either be positive or negative to other states. Positively, it may affect the other states to learn the political culture of others. The other states which their political culture is not exposed have to learn and however adjust to their political systems so that they may, however, reach the political level of the aired state. Such programs, therefore, leads to a change in the political system of other developing states from the developed states.

However, the Disney’s might also cause political differences by exposing one of the country's political status and indicating how superior they are as compared to the others. The Disney’s might reveal the use political system and how they are compared to other political systems. The Kenyan political system for instance as compared to the developed country’s political system then the developing country’s political system enmity as prominent members might look inferior. The concept might create animosity between the two political systems as it is hard for the two to relate oppositely while they are at the rear ends.

The Disney’s also propel change in the political systems of different states by their advertisements. Through the ad, a political system can get the knowledge of whether to make amendments to their political systems. As in the example, a state might be having a fewer number of leader or too many leaders, and they might have to work on it by seeing the others' system. Favorable systems are usually adopted by those states with an inadequate system. However, those countries with a weak political system get to be advised accordingly by those who are politically fit.

By exploring and educating other states about others, as in their operation codes and systems, then it promotes peace. This is evident where the governments with a weak political system would make friends with other governments having a well-off political system so that they can mutually get benefit from their advice. This is such that the developing states are keen for any idea to better them, and therefore they are always friendly to any country knowing just better than they do.

From the pictures being aired by the Disney’s, it may cause political differences. The variations is because the Disney’s might be biased to show one-sided pictures. Like, for instance, the Disney’s might be biased of only showing pictures of the white people and ignoring the black. Politically, the black would be affected as they might be forced to work politically against the whites. During rallies and campaigns, black leaders might use other broadcast Medias to work against the white leaders hence bringing about enmity between the two races. The Disney’s would have therefore caused a great difference between the two groups politically and therefore clashing two states.

The news and views of the television are responsible for what people think politically. Meaning that when the media has it that an individual political system is bad, then the public will also have it that it is such poor. Disney, therefore, might cause a difference in the political systems of different states only if they would talk to one political system as poor. Because the others would look at programs, therefore, he another country as poor politically. The news and the programs, therefore, affect the way the people think politically towards others.

The Disney’s, however, creates change in how two states relate. This is seen by showing the historical origin of the political systems of the two countries. By so doing, the states get to know that they have the same political beginning, and therefore they start cooperating to improve generally. This is because to grow politically; a state must get ideas from other states to make a wiser move to improve the status.

Being an international broadcasting company, the Disney’s cannot display all the news from all of the countries at the same time. This, therefore, leads to the company choosing to which program should be showed first and to the last. This, therefore, causes unity between the members of different states as, despite their various political matters, they can still be displayed in one broadcasting network. The Disney’s, therefore, promote unity by exposing a political culture of various states hence promoting unity to such members. It gives people the ego to visit and learn more from other countries, therefore, creating friendship among the members with mutual benefiting from each other.

From the news and the programs of the Disney's, the campaigning of different political positions has been made easier. This is because, every time a campaign rally is on, the broadcast media is always there so that it passes the campaign news to the people. By so doing, the politicians get fame even without paying anything at all as they are put live on TV. This has changed the political phase as the politicians have to use a minimal amount of money to advertise themselves on media. The Disney's however, have been known to giving their views about politics. By so doing, they advise politicians on what to do to make changes in the political systems. Therefore, Disney changes the way of thinking of the politicians about politics.

The media has a significant influence on the people about political issues. In the case that the Disney's are not neutral then, they will affect people wrongly. Happens when the Disney's try to shape the political issues in a certain unique way. By so doing the public may be misled as they do believe many ions the news and media discussions. Such would cause differences in the political body of a country as they both want to be praised by the media. Only happens so because the mass media is a complete representation of the mass information.

For the improvement of our politics, therefore, Disney's should carry out neutral discussions and be fair in airing the news and political culture of different societies. The broadcasting media should, therefore, avoid biased information's when dealing with political issues to promote a healthy thriving environment for political systems. Disney should, however, educate the politicians and heads of state on how to better their political status. By so doing, they will promote peace, harmony, and good interrelations among the states for better lives.

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