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My Inspiration

A person’s success in life is influenced by different people who are significant to his/her growth, development and progress. A person’s achievement therefore results from the input of significant others in his/her life. One person who has influenced my life greatly is my mother. This paper  discusses how my mom has impacted my life.

My mother is a God fearing woman who will always sacrifice her time and energy to serve the Lord in our local church and besides it. She never hesitated to accompany me to the Bible classes in Church every Sunday morning. I an grateful to her for teaching me the Christian values of service.

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In the year 2008, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. What surprised me is the fact that her health status did not shake her faith, her commitment to cater for my daily needs and her role as a mentor in almost all spheres of my life. I guess it is this generous and sacrificial service that later earned her divine healing from the terminal disease in 2011. No one can explain how she got healed. She is now free from cancer.

Mom has always encouraged me to work hard at school and to be smart. She advised me to consider medicine as an area of training and specialization. The challenges she had during her sickness also motivated me to pursue further studies in medical area, so as to professionally serve sick people in hospitals.  

My mother has also significantly contributed to my social life. She taught me servitude, kindness and compassion towards the needy. She taught me to treat others with dignity irrespective of their status. Such an attitude in relationships has enabled me to develop healthy relationships with friends, fellow students and people around me.

In conclusion, my mom has really impacted my life. Such people are rare to come by, and given choice I would wish she was immortal, so as to help many in the present and future generations. Importantly, mom has been a model worth looking up to for inspiration and direction in almost all the decisions I have made in life.  

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