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Is Donald Trump Racist

Donald Trump: Racist or Not?

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The issues of race and racism have always been crucial for American politics. Nowadays, the question of racism has been under discussion due to personality of Donald Trump. Different American and European magazines place their focus on American President and especially on his attitude towards ethnicity, race, and nationality. His controversial and provoking speeches, sayings, and quotes make millions of people around the globe ask themselves if Donald Trump is a racist or not. In order to answer this question, the current paper will provide evidences presented in American and non-American periodicals proving the statement that the current President of the USA is a racist.

The first argument supporting the claim that Trump is a racist can be found in The New Yorker. Considering the fact that American President tends to ignore all political rules and norms, the author of the article “What Do People Mean When They Say Donald Trump Is Racist?” Kelefa Sanneh states that he does not care about political correctness (Sanneh). In addition, Sanneh claims that the manner in which Donald Trump delivers his speeches can be defined as racism (Sannah). The other examples, which proves that Trump is racist is connected to his presidency in Trump Organization. It was proved that Donald Trump was planning to minimize the number of African-Americans working for the Organization and ordered to screen the race of applicants before they were hired (Sanneh). The article written by Sanneh provides numerous examples of racial behaviors of Donald Trump. I find this article to be a bright evidence of current American President to be a racist, as it provides credible and reliable facts to support the claim.

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The other article “Is Donald Trump a Racist?” by N. Kristof published in The New York Times is based on analyzing Trump’s career in order to prove that he is a racist (Kristof). However, the article is important in the argument as it provides not only suggestions but also legal proofs or Trump’s racial activities. For example, it provides a reference to documents, which serve as an example that he and his close friend Fred pursued a discriminating policy against the black people (Kristof). As a proof, the author provides information that the black people were constantly refused a possibility to rent apartment by stating that there were no vacancies, unlike white people who were given such chance immediately (Kristof). Many opponents of the statement that Donald Trump is a racist claim that it was his father who supported racial viewpoints. However, the son supported and continued his policy, which was seen from his discriminatory behavior after moving to casinos. For example, Donald Trump was an author of saying that called laziness a main trait of black people and many others (Kristof). Generally, I find this article very informative, as it provides numerous examples and legal proofs of racial behaviors of Donald Trump.

The other article published in the international magazine The Gurdian called “Donald Trump Says Judge in University Court Case Biased by 'Mexican Heritage'” also deals with the issue of political correctness of Donald Trump. As an example, the article describes the offence directed towards the federal judge G. Curiel (“Donald Trump Says Judge in University Court Case Biased by 'Mexican Heritage'”). Trump stated that the decisions made by the judge were subjective, invalid, and irrational and the only explanation to that was the Mexican origin of the judge (“Donald Trump Says Judge in University Court Case Biased by 'Mexican Heritage'”). To my mind, such statements are unacceptable and humiliating, especially for people of different backgrounds and ethnicities and serve as an example of Trump’s racial attitudes towards them. 

The last article written by Alan Grabinsky in The European also proves that Donald Trump is a racist who does not respect people of different origins. One of the public opinion polls indicated that approximately 85% of Mexican population were offended by the speeches of Trump (Grabinsky). Moreover, they stated that the presidency of Donald Trump is a great mistake and a person like him cannot represent such a great and diversified nation as Americans (Grabinsky). I support the view of people and the author of the article who consider Trump to be not a decent leader of a nation. A person who does not respect the ethnicities of other people cannot represent them properly, as well as fully satisfy their needs.

To conclude, numerous US and non-US media provide reliable and irrefutable proofs that Donald Trump is a racist. His speeches, activities and behaviors serve as a direct indication of his position regarding people of different races and ethnicities. Regardless of numerous claims that he was greatly influenced and became a victim of his own father, I believe that his actions clearly show his own position. Donald Trump’s claims and attacks on separate individuals and the while nations make this person not worth representing the American population.

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