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Mountain versus Beach Vacations

Families or individuals quite often do have plans for holiday vacations. Some of them would prefer vacations at the beaches, while others would prefer vacations in the mountains as they utilize their free time during holidays. The choice of any of these two vacations depends on the desires that individuals have. It also depends on the conditions that are accompanied with each model. The two choices reflect various differences as well as similarities. Here below I present contrasts and comparisons in regards to the two vacation models.

Both vacations are of a physical nature. This follows from the notion that the two vacation names are based on geographical physical features (Edward, 1998). However, the two differ in regards to the level of engagement. The mountain vacation is more engaging as it involves climbing mountains and therefore requires more energy and strength in addition to determination. This is in contrast with the beach system, which is less engaging as it involves such aspects as basking in the sun along the shorelines. Other activities like swimming are also not tedious when compared to climbing of mountains. The conditions experienced in the two scenarios are also distinct from each other. In places surrounded by mountains, the weather is cold. This is based on the principle of science, "the higher you go, the cooler it becomes". On the contrary, the length of the shorelines in the beaches does not influence the weather conditions as they remain relatively warm.

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Along the beaches, the conditions also tend to be sunnier, while in the mountains it is shadier. This state of affairs could be attributable to the fact that forests, unlike beaches, have a higher density in vegetation cover (Fischer, 2005). Hence, the normal vegetation, such as trees and other shrubs, in the forested mountains contributes towards the forming of the shades. On the other hand, it is sunnier along the beaches since there are no barriers that would prevent the sunrays from hitting the ground. Furthermore, there it is highly likely to encounter strong winds. This is caused by the waves experienced on the oceans or seas and the absence of the windbreakers like vegetation. In the mountains, the strength of the winds is curtailed by the presence of vegetation, some of which acts to prevent the strong winds. In the mountains, one also expects to come across humid air given the coldness that is experienced. At the beaches, the nature of air to expect is the dry warm air given the warmth experienced there.

The activities on these two vacation modes are different given the conditions and the means available. In the mountains, there are no water pools for swimming, meaning the absence of any swimming activities (Penner, 1993). In case of mountain vacation, the main activity is mountain climbing. Sunbathing is widely exercised in case of beaches, while it is not a norm in the mountain vacation. The fact is that in the mountains, it is shady as compared to the beaches where direct sunlight is able to reach the surface. Along the beaches, the existence of less vegetation would deter sunlight waves as it is the case with the obstructions of the rays in the mountains due to the vegetation or the forest cover.

The beaches may be crowded, while the mountains may be secluded. This is because it requires little effort in beach vacation, while it takes more effort to climb mountains. There is also likelihood that wild animals may be encountered in the mountains. At the beaches, the chances of the presence of wild animals are rare given the frequency of human activity, an act that scares the few that may be present (Witherington, 2007). There are also likely to be many lodging options at the beaches than in the mountains. This is a fact based on the fact where people would prefer to spend their holiday vacations. The beach mode is seen to be preferred to the mountain because of the little effort that is required at the beach, the likelihood of meeting many new people on the beach and the security certainty associated with the beaches as opposed to the mountains where wild animal attacks may be a norm. Water views are experienced along the beaches, given the huge volume of waters in the lakes or seas. Therefore, those who choose beaches would have a wide view of waters, while those in mountains would experience long views of vegetation and the atmospheric view. These are informed from the settings of the modes of vacations. Hiking, snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking are the other main activities associated with mountain vacation, while playing soccer, volleyball and rice water bikes are the norms in the beaches (Cachor, 2005).

The vacations in mountains take place in the great mountains that have been chosen by the people desirous of such vacations. This group of people is in most instances from Canada and the Northern part of America. Vacations at the beaches are chosen mostly by a majority of holiday goers given the reasons discussed above. This is mostly done at the beaches along seas and oceans. In most instances, this group of people is from Mexico. They are typically found in the coastal areas, where the actions of waves have deposited sediments of sand along the shorelines. Beaches are also with sand particles, while rocks are in the mountains.

In conclusion, holidays present an important period over which individuals do engage in leisure activities and relax their bodies. The choice of place and activities would depend on factors such as individual desires, the conditions and costs associated with them. Vacations on the beaches are common phenomena, given the ease of access and engagement. There are also those who prefer mountains due to their huge involvement and needs therefore drawing their own fan base. Based on various requirements, a holiday leisure engagement is vital to one’s health and relaxation of the mind for the better performance when required in the future. Therefore, the choice would depend on the individual who is desirous of the vacation. All of the two provide with a means of engaging the body to relax as one needs.

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