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Personal Essay

My name is Nawal Shirnaky. I would like to choose sonography as my future career for a number of reasons. First of all, there are some personal reasons, as I firmly believe that sonography is my true vocation. Moreover, I consider that sonography is one of the most promising fields in medicine.

I was born and grew up in Iraq, in the Middle East. After I finished high school in Kurdistan, which is in north Iraq, I got married. Then my husband and I moved to the United States of America. I really enjoy living here because this country provides great opportunities. First of all, I can build up my new life with my family here. Secondly, I have a great chance to pursue the career I have always dreamt of, which is sonography. Finally, I can start working and support my family. These are my goals and the most important things in my life here, in the USA.

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When we came to the United States of America, my husband and I wanted to have at least one baby to start our new life here. So our first baby was born in 2002. It was a girl and we named her Cedra. We felt really happy and excited. Then I decided to go to college. I started at Nashville State Community College to take some English classes. After that I applied to National College and took a pharmacy technician course. Finally, I wanted to study for an associate medical assistant and get an associate degree. I am going to receive the degree next February, which makes me really proud of myself.

I wanted to help my husband to deal with household expenses and bills, so I started working at Target. In 2004, our second baby was born and I had to quit my job so that I could take care of our children. My family and I visited my parents in Kurdistan in 2006. Our third child was born in 2008. In March, 2010 we visited my parents again. One week later, my dad got into a serious accident and fell into a coma.

At the hospital, the doctor wanted to find out what had happened to my dad, so he ordered an ultrasound. When it was done, we were told that my dad had had six or seven brain strokes and meningococcal. That was really bad news and the doctors warned us that my dad would die soon. There was not enough equipment at the hospital and we decided to bring my dad home and take care of him. He underwent physical therapy for ten months until he died in December, 2010. It was a great loss to me because my dad had always had such profound influence on me. At the time, my whole family went through a tough period filled with worries, stress, and heartache. That tragic event showed me the importance of ultrasound.

I sincerely believe that choosing sonography as my future career will provide me with an opportunity to be helpful to people. I like making people feel better and have smiles on their faces. Sonography helps to find people's health issues and provide them with the right medical care, which is of great importance. I consider that an ultrasound technician plays a very important role in the process of recovery because as soon as doctors get the right diagnosis, they can find the right cure. I will do my best to become a professional sonographer.

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