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Thesis Statement Sample

Thesis Statement

Has Rolling Stone overplayed the presumption of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's innocence, or downplayed 3 deaths and 264 injuries of Boston Marathon massacre?


According to the US judicial procedures, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect of Boston Marathon bombing enjoys the privileges of presumption of innocence. It suggests that the criminal defendant, Dzohar Tsarnaev is relieved of any burden to prove his innocence. It also suggests that it is an obligation of the USA government to prove the guilt of Dzohar Tsarnaev. Does this legal tangling serve as a basis for Rolling Stone to portray Tsarnaev as a rock-star celebrity? No one can argue that the cases, which are sub judice must be respected by the ethics of journalism. At the same time, journalism should not alter truthful information, and honest opinion voiced by the society. A journalist is trained to listen to the pulse beat of the society. Did Rolling Stone hear the pulse beat when the magazine decided to publish the exotic cover page with the naïve face of Boston bombing's suspect? Had the magazine listened to society's pulse beat, it could have distinguished Right from Wrong. This is called morality and all journalists have to have morality. Journalism with morality can find the solution of the question, 'what ought to be done'. The solution, in this case, is very simple; do we overplay Dzokhar's presumption of innocence, or downplay deaths and injuries caused to other human being who are innocent as Tsarnaev. It is difficult to assume that the seasoned Rolling Stone journalists were in limbo, when they had to decide what ought to be done to distinguish right from wrong. However, they opted to go against pulse beat of the society.

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