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Responsibility Management

Management responsibility plays a vitally important role in a chain of pizza shops “Pizza One”, as well as in any other enterprise. Managers should be responsible for their decisions; they should be responsible to their staff and customers. Managers should take pains to accomplish all the goals of the firm. They should be responsible to customers by thoroughly monitoring prices, products quality and services quality. Without proper management responsibility, “Pizza One” is likely to face many problems. Therefore, management responsibility is an important part of the process approach model.

Resource management cannot function properly without management responsibility. Qualified resource management is vitally important for “Pizza One”. The substantial part of resource management is HR management. Staff providing services in company shops works mostly with customers. Workers are the “face” of “Pizza One”. That is why it is necessary to select personnel carefully before hiring employees. In addition, resource management includes costs and revenues management. The industry under research is rather dynamic; money flows are continuous and steady. It is necessary to control money flows constantly in order to avoid unpredicted expenses, revenue loss and other financial issues. Moreover, resource management should include product and service quality management. Without good products and service, it will be impossible to compete with other pizza sellers.

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Product realization is the main part of “Pizza One’s” business. A chain of shops conducts realization of merchandize. In order to be successful and competitive, “Pizza One” should try to meet all customer needs and demands. Meeting customer desires makes for a weighty part of pizza sellers’ success. The competition is this field is high; as a result, it is a good idea to propose something new and interesting as well as to introduce innovation. Managers can learn about consumer requirements through different sources: oral interviews, inquiries of clients in restaurants or through the Internet, booklets with questions given to buyers and others. Requirements can deal with pizza sizes and tastes, delivery and service. Only after obtaining all the necessary information, the company should start production, selling and service provision.

Measurement, analysis and improvement should be a part of “Pizza One’s” business. Companies that always improve the quality of their goods and services are usually successful, even though their products may be quite expensive. Measurement, analysis and improvement cannot exist without customer feedback. It is important to use advertising because of many competitors in the field. The audience of pizza customers is extremely broad; it includes people of different ages, professions and incomes. Thus, it is wise to apply different sources to publish advertising. They can include the Internet, local newspapers, big boards, light boxes, booklets.

Feedback does not include advertising solely. Consumer opinion analysis is very important. It is necessary to improve product quality and to eliminate failures to compete at the market successfully. It is possible to publish inquiries in the Internet or provide oral interviews to find out consumers’ opinions about “Pizza One”. If certain problems or discontent among clients arise, something should be done to cope with it. Improvement should become a rule, even though “Pizza One” does not have sensible issues. If the company does not introduce any improvements, its competitors may excel in it, hence attract the firm’s former clients.

Finally, measurement, analysis and improvement are the principal components of management responsibility. Managers should understand the importance of business monitoring and improvement. They should be responsible for improvement and its results. In addition, managers should provide regular measurements and analysis and to analyze their results. Specialists should collect data and evidence and analyze them properly. Without qualified analysis, it may be difficult to realize what is good and what is to be improved.

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