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Environmental Controversy

Environmental controversy is widely discussed nowadays. It involves many social, economic, aesthetic, and ethical issues.

Economic and environmental changes are closely connected. On the one hand, economic development is beneficial to the society. On the other hand, it can damage ecosystems. In order to achieve economic growth, natural resources are often used up to exhausting. People want economic growth to be unlimited; however, the resources for it are limited. That is why environmental controversy includes economic issues (Economical Dimensions of the Environment).

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There are also many social issues. Of course, society benefits from the production of modern goods. Nevertheless, such production and using resources for it can cause environmental problems such as resource depletion, air, soil and water pollution, greenhouse effect and others (Social and Environmental Issues). These environmental problems are harmful for the society, because people have a lack of resources, they can suffer from environmental pollution, have problems with health.

Aesthetic issues exist, too. Using of natural resources is beneficial to the economy and society. However, many ecosystems are destructed. For example, forests are cut down, meadows and swamps are ploughed and cultivated. Some people do not care for that. However, there are also many people who like nature. They like walking in the forest, for example. Of course, they will be upset when the forest will be cut down. That is why environmental issues can cause aesthetic controversies.

Environmental controversy can also led to ethical issues. One group of people is interested only in social and economic benefits; they do not keep in mind environmental problems. Another group thinks also about the nature. Those people think that the society should take care not only of itself, but also of environment. For example, many species of animals and plants die out because of environmental pollution or forest felling. Those people state that it is often or even always unethical to make harm to environment, even though the society gets some benefits from it.

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