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Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is often carried out in different project sites. The purpose of carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment is always to establish information concerning the extent and nature of the arising environmental impacts that result from the operations and constructions of proposed projects. (Eccleston, 2011). This information acquired from the assessment is always used to inform on the decisions to be made over the acceptability of the consequences on the environment that may be adverse and that may arise from the implementation of the projects. The assessment also determines the requirements and conditions for construction, operation and residual impacts after implementation. According to the EIA done on (Beaufort Island, Lung Kwu Tan and Wu Kai Sha, there were some sensitive receivers and environmental issues that were listed.

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Assessment of Wu Kai Sha

The environmental impact assessment that was carried out in Wu Kai Sha concerned the proposed rail station and a private land that lay between the Lee On and the Whitehead. The main aim of carrying out the study was to establish the options for development that were preferred for Wu Kai Sha. In the assessment, it was noted that there was to be an accommodation by the private housing developers. This was supposed to include flats adding up to 6800 in an aim to accommodate roughly seventeen thousand residents. There was further a proposal for the development of other facilities such as botanical gardens, themed dining, ecological centers, heritage and visitor centers, and water and recreation centers. There was a site in the proposed development that was to include construction of roads, landscape areas, utilities, drains and substructures. There was further an assessment of traffic noise. Most of the receivers that were sensitive to the development were not to be subjected to noise nuisance apart from those at the station development at Wu Kai Sha. There was a proposal for air conditioning and the insulation for the windows alongside, with a special designing that was to set a layout in order to resolve the nuisance caused by the noise from the traffic. (Morton, 1990)

Lung Kwu Tan Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment was done at Lung Kwu Tanto, establishing the possibilities of having armor rocks laid within the area by the Castle Peak Power Company. The site for the project was in a 0.988 hectors piece of land that lays between the Lung Kwu Tansea bed and the foreshore. This project was meant to be a protection for the tray structure for the slurry pipe. The assessment particularly establishes the potentiality of omitting noise at the site and to generally make a decision on the compatibility of the project to the environment. (United States. Minerals Management Service, 1990)

Beaufort Island environmental impact assessment was done so as to determine the baseline of the conditions of the ecological resources in the study area. This was as a result of the island being in the midst of the waters. Beaufort island is known to be rich in ecological and environmental aspects thus the need for carrying out of a comprehensive environmental impact assessment. The assessment was done on various components of the marine and terrestrial environment in order to mitigate any negative impact on the project. The assessment covered the air quality, the noise, water quality and general ecology. This assessment was made in order to ensure that the island’s ecological systems and the numerous species of birds among other environmental values of the island. From the assessment, it was determined that there would be a major environmental issue, especially during the windy and dry season as dust would pose an environmental challenge. The implementation of the projects were found to pose an environmental and ecological threat to the island. Proposals were, thus, made for the mitigation of the dusts. 

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