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This report is devoted to Ukraine’s Governmental Energetic Inspection and proposes an implementation of the wind-energy project on a state’s level. Nowadays wind power appears as not only an attractive alternative to traditional fossil fuels and nuclear power but also a need. Comparing to the use of traditional energy sources, wind power has numerous positive effects such as no greenhouse gas emissions, cleanliness, wide distribution and, finally, renewability. Thus, implementation of this project today will solve the energy problem that Ukraine, one of the CIS countries, is going to face tomorrow. 

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Day by day, the consumption of the electricity is increasing. For instance, the per capita energy consumption in the beginning of twentieth century was four times higher than in 1975. Today in Ukraine only 11 wind power stations are working, and only 0,3% of the energy is produced from renewable sources. As an example, Denmark achieved 28%. Nevertheless, according to the climate maps, worked out by the Ukrainian Agency of Renewable Energy, the country has high wind potential. In order to make use of this high capacity the following project of wind-power implementation is offered:

  1. Involvement of the international programs and grants for technical and financial help;
  2. Additional tax benefits for international partners and joint ventures;
  3. Target-oriented financial help from the state in building and approbation wind-power sites;
  4. Subsidizing the small households, who are implementing windmills;
  5. Tax and technical assistance to producers of wind-technologies.

We would reaffirm, that wind energy potential of Ukraine is high, and the plants that manufacture wind power stations and supporting equipment are already built. The only missing thing is the state’s enthusiasm. Talking about the wind power worldwide it is worth mentioning that in 2010, more than half of all new wind power was added due to new installations in China. This may mean that an implementation of the project does not require much time but requires a balanced Governmental program and the price for this project cannot be evaluated in money rather in energetic independency and ecological safety of humanity.

Bearing in mind all the positive consequences of our proposal, it is essential that Ukraine’s Governmental Energetic Inspection take immediate actions for transition from nuclear and fossil energy to safer and renewable mean – wind power.

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