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Trinity River

For living things to coexist effectively, they must rely on one another and the physical environment that surrounds them. There are different types of natural resources that living things rely much on for their survival, with one of the most notable being water bodies. Such interactions between the community and the physical world is what defines and ecosystem (McBain and Trush, 1997). This ecosystem needs to be balanced so that all species are maintained. This has been a common problem in many water bodies, in the world.

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The Trinity River’s Ecosystem

The Trinity River is one of the natural resources that have been of considerable importance especially to the local people. This is because they get water from it to serve many purposes such as drinking and farming. Statistics show that 25% of the people near the river get drinking water from it, and there are many others who get water for other basic needs (Gudde and Bright, 2004). The river is also used for transport whereby non-motorized boats are used. Apart from people relying on water from the river, fish and other animals also rely abundantly on the water. Some of these animals such as the salmon that are plenty in the river provide food to people in both the local and urban areas in the areas. Some people usually earn a living mainly because of the river. The river is also known to provide beautiful scenery and its sensational recreational opportunities. The government recognized the importance of rivers and why the ecosystem must be maintained. This is evident in the Clean Water Act of 1972 (McBain and Trush, 2000). The Trinity River is usually monitored often by both federal and state agencies and other groups in Dallas city. The parties meet to review the quality of the water and come up with programs to ensure that the river is not littered. The river provides habitat to many birds during different seasons of the year. This happens not only to resident birds, but also migrating ones. The river has also native grasses and plants that make it have the natural scenery. Most of these plant species are food to fish and other animals in that community.  Each of the living things relies on the other for one or even more benefits. When the ecosystem is interfered with, all the living things will have to suffer more easily by getting depleted (Trinity River Corridor Project, 2011). This is something has led to death of many rivers and other water bodies in the world.

The Trinity River has experienced ecological changes in the previous decades with the most dramatic one occurring during the construction of the original Dallas Floodway project in 1920s and later in 1950s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). There are some bridges that have been constructed across the river that are also likely to have some impact on the ecology of the river. The Dallas project is aimed at ensuring that the meanders of the Trinity River are maintained. The meanders will be crucial in different ways including aiding in better floodwater management, deterring bank erosion, slowing sentiment transport and deposits, and fostering natural forces of water flow (Gudde and Bright, 2004). This is crucial in ensuring that the ecosystem remains balanced; thus maintaining all the species that are available.   

The programs that are usually set up usually recognize the fact that the population is rapidly growing. This means that if the river as a natural resource is not well managed it may get depleted; thus not benefit people. This will interfere with the balance of the ecosystem. To ensure this is not experienced, there are lakes that have been built more so near Dallas to ensure that water is captured before it gets to the ocean (McBain and Trush, 1997). This is also meant to ensure that the people who rely on water from the river have enough of it throughout the year without affecting the ecosystem.

Before the projects were set up, the situation was worse; thus this is what forced resources managers to implement the right measures. Animal and plant species in the river had rapidly decreased as the water was polluted and much of the soil silted. This interfered with the morphologic processes that are crucial for any river.


The Trinity River is a natural resource that benefits different kinds of living things. This happens in different ways as some get food from it, others drinking water, and even others use it as a means of transport. Consequently, different programs have been set up to ensure the changes that have taken place over the years such as rapid population increase do not interfere with the ecosystem.

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