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Metabase Feature

Every passing day technology is advancing and all other features that are associated with technology are also advancing. Microsoft Windows has undergone many changes and many of its features are also advancing gradually. Features including the Metabase have been realized to be very essential in the history computer.

The metabase history feature keeps and maintains the records of history files stored into a disk. Metabase feature can also be used to restore some configurations and they are able to know and record the changes that have occurred in a given period of time. This is why it is associated with the term history. When the Metabase file is marked with a unique number, then it is enabled to keep track of changes in the history folder in system 32. In turn the history folder stores metabase.xml and schema files and these files are not accessed by everyone unless authorized to access them like Database and system administrators.

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The metabase feature works as follows; when it is written to a disk, the IIS has to check the system to determine the number of history files that are contained in the history folder. The oldest files are deleted if the number of MaxHistory files property is exceeded (internet source).

At times files are corrupted and metabase files are not exceptional. In the event the metabase files are corrupted there are steps that are followed. Before they are corrupted, it is economical, efficient and wise to make backups. The steps are as follows:

  1. In the IIS manager, expand or open the Application Pools
  2. Right click the Application pools.
  3. Click Properties, then flip to the performance table
  4. In the web garden, and in particular in the maximum number of worker processes box type1 and then click Ok.

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