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Criminal Justice System

The justice system provides imprisonment for crimes and offenses deemed punishable by prison sentences. Prison life is meant to be a punishment for the offender while attempting to rehabilitate the inmate (Mellow et al., 2008). Prison life attempts to safeguard the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. Rehabilitation and reorientation of criminals towards reentry into the community is characteristic of prison life. Life in prison is essential in realigning individuals with the rule of law.

Over time, prison life has evolved from punishment oriented to a corrective and rehabilitative system. Prisoners are given an opportunity to reevaluate their priorities through rehabilitation programs; hence education systems and programs are aimed at giving prisoners a viable, competitive edge upon reentry into the community (Mellow et al., 2008). These incentives and programs are aimed at deterring offenders from repeating their prior offenses. These changes in prison life are critical to crime reduction and inmate turnover in prisons.

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The prisons’ authorities should ensure that prison staff is trained and equipped to manage prisoners efficiently and effectively. The provision of essential facilities should be adequate to prevent prison strife and violence (Kavalu, 2011). Rehabilitative procedures should be conducted with the consideration of  the prisoners’ mental and physical health. However, prison programs should be allocated sufficient funds to facilitate harmonious rehabilitation and transitions of prisoners towards society (Gingrich, 2011). These would ensure reductions in crime rates and economic significance of released prisoners.


Management of prison facilities is critically challenged by shortage of resources. Increase in prison turnover, in view of the limited facilities available, has led to prison strife and conflicts in prison management. Sentencing of offenses should consider the crime committed against available prison facilities. The need of prison sentencing like community service for minor crimes and reduced prison terms is critical in mitigating the problems of space, staff and resource appropriation in prisons (Kavalu, 2011).

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