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Poem Dew

“Dew” by Robert Morgan is an incredible poem, which depicts the value of nature and its significance on the Earth as even dew means something more than just a natural representation. The author makes the reader plunge into the world of nature trying to focus him/her on the obvious secret of dew even if it is hidden from human eyes within centuries. It is evident that the poem has its clandestine implication, which contributes to the creation of a double sense of the plot influencing the reader’s perception. Thus, dew is represented as a powerful masterpiece of nature, which reins over the world of flora and fauna including even people, because it possesses a mysterious fluid that slakes one’s thirst making a person alive.

Dew is an integral part of nature due to its unbelievable functions, which help everything and everyone to come back to life. In the poem “Dew”, Morgan creates a mysterious atmosphere as he wants the reader believe that the existence and the process of dew’s formation are covered with something, which cannot be explained. Even if the title of the poem is quite understandable, the author attempts to confuse one to start observing the plot in detailed way to discover the truth. On the other hand, such a clear title is the so-called maneuver, which shows the dominion of dew and its privilege above the rest of nature. In this case, the reader notices that a narrator is a man, who glorifies dew but without specific tenderness and meekness peculiar to women. Nevertheless, the man is proud of dew while glorifying it almost in every line as he connects its existence with the rain, sky, and even people. The words: “It’s something of a mystery” explain that dew resembles a miracle due to its unusual appearance. Thus, the speaker praises dew because it is a precise example of a natural phenomenon, which impresses his mind and affects his imagination so strongly that he begins to explore its formation.

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The birth of dew is a miraculous time as it makes nature experience different changes. The speaker seems to be surprised himself as he has an irresistible desire to fathom the truth of the dew appearance. He claims: “this minute rain downloading from/ the sky so slowly and invisibly”. It is an accurate explanation how it happens, and what changes occur in nature until it is born. Moreover, this process does not take too much time, and the only one minute is enough to give a new life indeed. Perhaps, this issue differs dew from any alive creature that needs more efforts and strengths to penetrate the world. The reader notices that the mood of the narrator is changed as his mind is the state of enjoyment being able to admire nature including “the pleasure from wind and rain, from cloud drift and bird song”. Besides, the speaker reveals that the whole nature takes care of its birth as the process is slow and almost invisible like it is going to be a child. Thus, it is evident that the narrator thoroughly explores the birth of a new natural phenomenon while paying attention to every point, which is vital for him.

Further alterations in nature become inexplicable, and the speaker attracts the reader to assist him to realize the meaning of dew. He says: “you don’t know when it came except/ at dusk the grass is suddenly wet” It means that it is impossible to predict exactly when dew appears, but it immediately presents its sweet moisture to every living creature. In this case, the author uses imagery based on all five senses, which allow both the speaker and the reader experience what dew is. Certainly, it appears unexpectedly, but one can see it on the grass or in any other place, which is visible to a human eye. Even if the speaker does not hear any particular sound related to dew birth, he knows for sure that the rain is an accurate evidence that dew will share its pleasant fluid. Moreover, everybody has a great opportunity to touch and taste it either early in the morning or late at night breathing in its wonderful, fresh smell, which gradually overwhelms the soul. Therefore, the birth of dew is definitely one of the natural wonders that give life to everything, which exists on the Earth.

Dew is a messenger of God, which carries life presenting its splendid fluid while saturating the world of animals and plants, and people, at times. The words “a visitation from the air,/ precipitant from spirit world/ of whitest incarnation or/ reverse transfiguration” show that the speaker connects this miracle with God mentioning such words as “spirit” and “incarnation”. The man praises dew because of its boundless power and strength gained from the sky, which is ruled by God that constantly observes the process and its renewal at night and in the morning. Additionally, “a visitation from the air” is metaphor that illustrates the dependence of dew on God and His personal desire to make nature and people alive. It also emphasizes God’s will to spread dew until people deserve it. On the other hand, it is understandable that dew has some human features when the speaker calls it “herald”.

Dew also symbolizes life and death at the same time as its existence is like a breath to nature. The narrator indicates: “herald/ of river, swamp and ocean breath/ sent heavenward, released to earth”. In this case, dew unites two worlds as a thin thread separates nature and people from death while experiencing thirstiness anytime of the day and night. The author wants the reader to understand that in fact, dew is more substantial than it is even possible to assume. The point is that life without this miraculous fluid is senseless as everything will fade and then, die when the sun appears to burn nature relentlessly. Consequently, being a sender from heaven, dew possesses a vital function to save nature and people never causing death to win life. Musing on these words, the narrator begins to realize that the hidden implication of the poem is much more important that one can imagine. Besides, the last line “to slake our human thirst” prove that one of the main purposes of the dew existence is still to assist people to live even if most of them are not thankful to God, His generosity, and His mercy to satisfy all living creatures. Thus, the mystery is evident, and both the speaker and the reader understand it.

In conclusion, the poem “Dew” by Robert Morgan illustrates the meaning of dew and its substantial impact on nature and people. Being a spiritual messenger from God, the fluid of dew is the so-called medicine that contributes to life even if the process of its appearance seems to be not understandable and unexpected. Moreover, dew is one of the life’s allies that helps all the living inhabitants to struggle with death as God sends it to Earth day by day while implementing his will to save the world. Undoubtedly, dew is a miracle, which oppresses death trying to spread its “cordial” among plants, animals, and people.

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