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Eudora Welty Listening

What evidences did she list that support the love?

Eudora Welty has always had a love for reading books. She began to read Charles Dickens books when she went to visit her grandmother in West Virginia. Her love for literature is evidenced by her eagerness to read her new books all night with the aid of a candle while hiding under her bed. Moreover, Eudora rejects a pair of expensive new earrings from her father but instead accepts books in exchange for agreeing to have her long, thick hair cut. Eudora attributed reading to almost every room in her house at the tender age of three, giving her mother no peace until she was read to before bed. Even when she discovered the awful truth that her favorite story books were not a result of natural occurrences, she still maintained that this did not deter her love for them.

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How did Welty first believe books were produced?

Eudora Welty believed that books were a natural wonder created as a result of natural circumstances. She believed that they came in to existence in the world like grass and other vegetations would. She was disappointed when she found out this was not the case, and that it was actually people who wrote her favorite storybooks (Welty, 1982).

What personal childhood stories could you tell if you wrote a book filled with short stories? (Provide a list of 10 titles). I'm an international student, so please as simple as u can.

I would begin with the story of how I met my best friend eleven years ago. Santa Clause was a big part of my life when I was a child and the discovery that he was not real was a devastating and harrowing experience at the time. I would also narrate my obsession to my first childhood crush, who happened to be my new door neighbor. As a child My Grandfather always emphasized the beauty of life and how we should live life to the fullest. Additionally, he taught me the value of letting my actions speak for myself rather than promising things I could not deliver. My best friend and I shared a lot of things together growing up, but there was one particular secret that got us into trouble once we entrusted it to one more person who told on us. Additionally, we shared a passion for sport but we were so bad that we were always selected last by the captains. Fortunately for us, we managed to stick it out despite the ridicule and embarrassment that came with it. I got so good that I was part of my middle school basketball team. It showed me that by not giving up, one can achieve success, it just takes a little time. All my experiences as a child have been life long lessons that I would share through short stories with the following titles:

  • The Worst Christmas Story
  • Actions speak louder than Words
  • Never say Never
  • A Life Lesson  
  • Santa Clause is Gone
  • The Secret
  • A Beautiful Life
  • A Desire for Love
  • My Best Friend
  • The Girl Next Door 

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