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Nine Ten by Warren Leight: Tomorrow is Made Today

A play Nine Ten by an eminent American playwright and director Warren Leight occupies a place of honor among brilliant examples of precise portraying of human life, routine troubles and the trifles of life that are not important but which people pay a big attention and consider them to be the sense of life.

The plot of the play is focused on a group of prospective jurors who are not satisfied by their mission to be chosen for serving. They consider their plight as a silly obligation they are forced to fulfill. The author deliberately chooses hilarious portraits of five Manhattanites in order to describe prospective of human life from different sides. Thus, via dialogues he depicts inner world of a spiritual dancer, a young idler, a policeman and two representatives of clerks from Wall Street.

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From the conversation it becomes obvious that the character of each person was shaped under the influence of social obstacles. John is got used to tiresome everyday routine. Everything in his life is brought under the specific schedule: work, private life, and even interests. This makes him think that life within the limits is normal. Lyris is another type of person, more sensitive and free. Her attitude to life and people attracts John as he sees himself in her but is sad as he has buried his dreams long ago.

Kearrie is too much occupied with money trade. Money is her only goal and sense of life. She looses her soul in a rush for money. Nick is a lazy man occupied by doing puzzles and making sarcastic jokes. Leslie thinks that life is unfair and everyone owes her something.

Warren Leight depicted the whole society in a ten minutes play. The date of September, 10 has a symbolic meaning. The main idea is said by John: “Where you are is where you’re supposed to be” (Leight). Trivial concerns are not always important as no one knows what is going to happen next day.

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