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Epic Hero

The Hero of this story is Cuchulain of Ulster, a determined and strong soldier who tirelessly and viciously defended Cooley from being taken away by queen Medb of Connnaught. The hero single handedly fights with forces that have been directed by the queen to force the owner of the bull to concede and hand out the bull. The hero was, therefore, well introduced.

The cattle raid of Cooley forms the central epic of the Ulster cycle. In this story, we learn that the Queen of Medb feels jealousy of the Cooley bull. She gathers a strong army to go and gain possession of the most strong and famous bull of the Ireland. The bull is a property of chieftain of Ulster, Daire.  However, the men of Ulster have been afflicted by a debilitating curse and a seventeen-year-old Cuchulain must defend Ulster single-handedly. So, the choices were well understood by the hero.

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Human choices are treated in the paper. The story talks of a queen who wants a bull to compare or match with the white-horned bull owned by her husband. Jealousy and decision-making aspects of a human being are brought into the concept here. Anger and greedy are other aspects of human beings depicted from the story. Dawra, the chief of Ulster and the owner of the white-horned bull gets angry when he heard the conversation of the soldiers send to pick the bull.

The hero understood the stakes in front of him. He knew that he had to fight in spite of fact that he was to do it alone. The hero is only seventeen years old, and understands what is beforehand. He was determined to defend his master. He knew that all the men of Ulster had been b afflicted by a debilitating curse, which left him to defend his master alone.

Just like in other societies, men are perceived strong and it is their responsibility to defend the society. Women are seen weak and that they should not rule over men. That is why the queen encounters problems in her leadership. The soldiers should defend their territory to the wire even in the event of fire. This is a society with strong culture

The crises that led to the production of the hero are well documented and explained. The queen lived happily with his husband and children until the two began arguing about whom between them were rich. The two found their richness equal. However, the queen’s husband had a very beautiful and strong bull. It is during this time that she learned that there was a bull that could match his husband’s. She sends for the bull, and it is during this time when the war began.

The mid-point or moment of decision of the hero is not well known, however, we are told that after the Queen’s men returned to raid the kingdom for the bull, they encountered hostility. They had to fight hard to carry with them the bull. We are also told that all the men of Ulster had been b afflicted by a debilitating curse.

Cuchulain of Ulster, the hero of the story is determined to defend his territory and the bull from being taken by the queen’s army. He fights them hard, even though he is later overwhelmed by the soldiers. The hero is determined to honor his culture by ensuring that he stands and fights for his kingdom.

In the 20th century, the world hero comes with realistic considerations. The fact that Cuchulain of Ulster decided to fight the queen’s army single handedly may not be taken as an act of heroism but ignorance since he must have known that overwhelming such a large army of soldiers was next to impossible. However, it also reflects an aspect of strong will and brevity to come and defend your territory in such circumstances.

One of my heroic actions is stopping people from polluting their surrounding environment.  I have done education on the people of my locality to ensure that they understand the dangers of polluting their environment. In my initiative, I have asked for funding from the government to put on dustbins for people to put their litter inside.

When making decisions on my choices, I look at things that seem impossible, but with enough energy and determination, they can be achieved. The reality has also to be checked, lest you find yourself in a hole that you cannot come out. Ideal choices are a big part of my decision-making.

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