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Cash Management

Cash management is an essential aspect in each company. Exact, calculated and most closely predicted cash statement will lead to the increase of sales of the company’s products and its general development.

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  1. Answering the question regarding Norma’s Cat Food of Shell Knob, the speeding up of the collections by two and a half per day and accelerating of payments process for half a day, the system would free up six millions of dollars for each two free days of rotating funds. This could cover the costs for transportation or for renting the buildings of the company, if only the system costs would not affect this amount, which is not possible at all.
  2. If the company earns 8 % per annum on feed-up funds, the income of the calculated before 6 millions would be $480,000. The earnings are not high with this percentage.
  3. The annual cost of the system would be $800,000, by earning $480,000 it would  not cover the cost of its implementation. It would only lead to more cost expenditure. Also, it would lead to injection of the money on something that is not paying out. The system would only speed up the collection of the payments, but it will not affect the sales increase. Therefore it is not of good usage for the company.

Implementation of the new system would not bring any profit for the company. It would be unwise to get attached to that kind of a system just for speeding-up the collections by loosing money on it.

No healthy cash management hereby would be considered if the system would be taken into action by Norma’s Cat Food of Shell Knob. Better investment would be taking the money on this project for the development of better sales.

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