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Empowerment signifies different things to different people. It is an increasing of social, educational, and personal capacities of individuals or associations. In order to ensure a productive work environment, managers should establish and improve the "right authority". Empowerment is an efficient use of the manager’s powers which, as a result, lead to the improvement of work. In the modern management, the motivational aspects are becoming increasingly important. Staff motivation is a key tool to ensure optimal utilization of resources and mobilization of available human resources. The main purpose of the process of motivation is to get maximum results from the use of human resources, thus improving general efficiency and profitability of the enterprise.

Exchange of information with everyone is the first clue for the empowerment of people in the corporation. The workers get information and understand the clear situation in the company. All employees can see the picture of the company. This helps to create confidence and build trustful relationship between the employer and employee.

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Replacing the old management and creating self-managed teams is the second key which ties the workers all together. It puts more responsibility on employees and improves better communication and productivity.

The motivation for quality work is one of the major issues of management for any organization.According to Kormanski, C. (1999),“Building trust on a team will be one of your greatest challenges.” Particular problem is especially acute for enterprises where staff is not involved in the processes of management and quality improvement. The knowledge of the motivation’s mechanism allows the head to diversify the forms of recognition and to use them effectively in various situations.

Activation is the totality of the factors influencing the level of stimulation. Stimulation is the presentation of the external factor in order to wake up, to increase, and to accelerate the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions. Manipulation is the hidden urge of another person to experience specific conditions, make decisions, and implement the actions which are necessary for achieving their own purposes. Motivation as a motivational management is a system of actions to increase the encouragement of another person. “Work motivation is… a sort of a Rubik’s cube of many interesting facets and components, but also extremely difficult to put together into a meaningful whole with all of the pieces lined up appropriately” (Lyman W. Porter, 2008).

It is necessary to accent the need of "team spirit" when every employee feels a member of the "big corporate family." As a result, people get emotional satisfaction, and the productivity of work increases.According to Kormanski, C. (1999),“Most problems of all kinds can usually be traced back to poor communication or lack of communication skills . . .” It is important to provide staff training opportunities. This allows making the workers more competent and capable and gives the confidence to employees ensuring that they are appreciated. It is important to provide stimulus and encouragement to create a happy spirit of corporate company.

It is necessary to allow the employees to make decisions. It will help them to accelerate the process of customer service and increase their level of satisfaction. Besides, they, in turn, must be prepared to handle any situation within the organization and beyond. Empowering employees indicates trusting them and believe in their potential.

Certainly, the working climate more or less depends on everyone, but especially on the leaders form foundation of the corporate culture. “Leaders who are effective in obtaining participation see their role as being a coach and mentor, not the expert in the situation.” (Bishop, J.W., Dow, S.K., Goldsby, M.G., & Cropanzano, R. (2005 Apr.). Professional experience and life position depends on the atmosphere of the team. They select staff and have the ability to create balanced team. In fact, every manager wants to ensure that the staff works more effectively. Readiness and willingness of staff to do their jobs is among the main success factors of the organization.

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