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I am in the city of New York and this city being cosmopolitan with great collections of art from all over the world. This statue or art of Memi and Sabu dates back to the fourth dynasty of the old Egyptian Kingdom approximately between 2575 – 2465 BC (Internet). It is further believed that it originated from Giza. I will comfortably spend my money to travel from New York to Egypt and in particular to the city of Giza to locate the original place of the statue to confirm the beliefs of this people in this art. This is for the reason that it is Egypt where civilization started and there must be truth about the belief in love and spirits. The artist of the statue depicts that the statue may attract the spirits to make a home there and provide food for the family who have those statues placed in their homes. It also signifies good relationship between wife and husband. The cost of the journey will be moderately expensive for the reason that it will be a long journey to the town of Giza and the research I will carry out from the town’s inhabitants.

The town of Giza is a cemetery town in Egypt that is situated in northern Africa. The inhabitants of this town depend on rice and dates as their staple food. The majority of the people in this town or region are Muslims. The region is a plateau and it is very dust because the climate is a desert. It experiences dust storms around the year.

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Most of the art in Giza is done on a special stone called limestone and even the paintings are also done on this stone (the limestone). The sculpture was first carved using local materials like sharp stones and smelted sharp objects (materials) to inscribe the images on the limestone which is soft. When the same images are painted on the rocks or these special stone different colored soils were used. The texture of the sculpture is rough but for the artist who wanted to smoothen it, they used paints to make them smooth. The different textures to me demarcate the old art from modern art. Perhaps the modern art allows sculptures to endure any climatic changes especially the reaction of the acid rains and the limestone stone. The painted art reflects with dazzling lights.

The right period of this art is controversial as some people argue that it was during the 5th Dynasty but it is correctly estimated to have been done during the 4th dynasty. However, the features f this art cover the two Dynasties and almost fit both. During this period, the area flourished with tombs which were placed in very many famous pyramids. The pyramids are visible to date even though many others have been buried in sand.

The many sculptures during this time were in 2D and that was the far they could emphasize their arts. The artist of this time enjoyed using different colors to also emphasize pattern. The works of these times are only maintained and polished in their original places where they were created. Moving them to the museums will interfere with their state more especially the texture and even color. However, photos of these arts are preserved in many museums around the world. The art is protected by the government and the ministry of tourism of Egypt which enables the tourism industry to flourish.

The visit to Egypt and in particular the town of Giza which is in the outskirts of Cairo was very beneficial and it was not a waste of money at all. Going to Giza was very right. There are great features like tombs and pyramids that surround Giza. It was a great experience for me and valuable to my money. I met many tourists from all over the world who were enjoying the scenery and the arts of Giza. To add on this, people are very friendly and welcoming.

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