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Guitar Concert Review

On Friday evening, August 24 at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all  ardent lovers of Eddie Money  had an opportunity to admire this famous American rock guitarist, saxophonist and singer-songwriter and enjoy the songs  that made the heart beat quicker, which  stirred up only  positive feelings, and  made everybody come back to the romantic memories. With bated breath and  happy looks, the audience danced and sang together with  the legendary singer and his band.

 The concert was free and there were the viewers of both young and old generation.

In spite of the fact that the years have passed, Money’s rock brand has managed to overstep generations, and today it continues to  rejoice the rock fans.

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The atmosphere was really exciting, there were so many moving and thrilling viewers, and there was no doubt that all of them were united only by the love to music. Eddie Money came on the stage with his band: Tommy Girvin – lead guitarist, Glenn Symmonds – drummer, Lee Beverly – bass guitarist, Chris Grove – keyboardist. 

 I knew that this concert would be wonderful, but I could not even predict that it  would be so great. Now I understand that it is not only t an unforgettable memory, but the confirmation of Ray Charles’s quote: “I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water”. This rock concert gave me an adrenalin rush, an ocean of drive. I will remember it as a special event in my life.

 Eddie Money began the concert with the song “Take Me Home Tonight”. This song reveals the feelings of the lyrical hero, his love, and his strong emotions. It is rock song  that reflects romantic and a bit careless mood of the lyrical hero. It starts off calm and melancholic, but in the refrain the melody becomes quick and rhythmic, which   makes one want to dance.

 The song “I Wanna Go back” is no less romantic than the previous one. The melody of the song is slow and rhythmic. This song reveals the state of soul of the lyrical hero. He feels nostalgic  for the past, but he understands that he cannot change anything and it is only his memories, that do not let him calm down.

The song “Two Tickets to Paradise” is not very quick, it is a rhythmic dance composition. This song displays the dream of the lyrical hero of escape to paradise with his beloved girl. It means that he wants to find a place where his wishes will come true.

Having analyzed the most famous songs of Eddie Money, one can understand that all  of them are very thoughtful ;  the meaning of his s is indirect , and it is conveyed with the help of metaphors. In every song we feel nostalgia for the past, for unrealized dreams, and for his love.

 My favourite composition is “Take Me Home Tonight”. I prefer this song because it is close to my heart and my soul. I listen to it whenever I  feel sad, and  it puts me in a good mood. This song is a hit of all times. The singer received a Grammy for the best male vocal performance of this song. When this song sounded, I felt something like a lump in the throat, my heart beat faster.

 The least favourite song is “Gamblin man”. I dislike the melody and the theme of the song. To my mind gambling is not a good subject to be praised. I appreciate the eternal values: love, deep feelings. I think that such a negative phenomenon as gambling is not worthy of glorifying.

I liked everything in musicians' playing. They are professionals; they are passionate lovers of music. The musicians gave themselves up to the audience; they created a fantastic atmosphere. Their performance was so exciting that one could forget about everything in the world except music. For me Eddie Money is one of the brightest stars of rock music, he is not just good at composing, singing and playing, he is a great performer.

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