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Examples of Communication Technology

Communication technology has revolutionized communication in the world. Communication has resulted in power, where it has become easy to achieve what seemed to be impossible a few years ago. The issues of hegemony, that are eminent today, have also been accelerated by communication technology.  Some nations dominate others because they have adopted modern technologies such as communication ones. In broad terms communication technology refers to a range of devices such as phones, applications as well as networks. Communication technology has become a very imperative part of our lives.  Both business and individuals have continuously used it for getting what they need.

The technology has replaced the old models of communication which were very inefficient and slow. The modern technologies enable people to communicate within a span of seconds without considering the distance. Communication technology is among the factors that have contributed to making the world a global village. With the growing capitalism, where the economy is controlled by private individuals, it is eminent that communication technology is very useful in boosting trade. The modern type of communication has its pros and cons. This paper directs its focus on some of the demerits and merits of the communication technology.

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Increased Efficiency in Sending Information

With the use of communication technology, it has become very easy to send information. The technological development has brought the emails and SMS. These achievements have made it easy to send information from one place to another. The best thing about these features is that the message is received instantly when it is sent. Additionally, the communication technology has also led to the introduction of decentralized computing. These systems have made it possible to share information from one location to another.

Improved Communication in an Organization

Communication technology has enabled information sharing in the society. All information in an organization is stored at one point, and it is easy to retrieve it when needed. The use of such technologies as emails has also been of great help to the organizations, since they have enhanced communications between individuals without a meeting. The same has also eliminated the communication barriers among which are disrupted communication and noises.  Additionally, communication barriers related to individuals are also eliminated significantly, since individuals do not have to meet so that they can pass information.

Communication Has Also Made It Easy to Share Information

Communication technology is known to promote efficiency in the transfer of information. People can share information pertaining to the issues at hand within a short duration. They can brainstorm an issue without meeting physically. The information that has been emailed can easily be analyzed, and decisions can be achieved within the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the introduction of communication technology in an organization has also brought the online systems. With the use of online systems that allow information processing within a span of minutes, people can easily get the relevant information and make the right decisions. The accessibility of data is also rapid, and people do not have to spend a lot of time looking for information that is related to a specific issue. This has been a key boost to the organizations. Decisions that are urgent can be easily and accurately made within the required time.

Communication Technology Has Also Increased Participation in the Society

Communication technology has also promoted participation in the society. With the use of communication technology, it is easy to assign specific tasks to different people and monitor them through an online system. The various participants will be very active since they known that their activities are closely monitored. Their work will also be made easy due to fast communication.  The use of communication technology also enables people, who are not bold enough, to inquire about something through text messages and emailing. The use of communication technology has made it possible for the society members to play a role in the decision-making pillars.

Communication technology has also provided a good way of exchanging information during emergencies. With its use, communication has been enhanced. In cases where there are emergencies such as accidents or terrorism, it is very easy for individuals to communicate so that the right measures can be taken. For example, with the use of modern technological devices such as phones, it is easy to request for the help of the police or anybody else. The evacuation in cases of emergencies has also been enhanced. It became easier for the rescuers to get in touch with the victims since they can communicate through the phone. Warning people about an impending danger has also been facilitated.  It is very easy to communicate with a large number of people through texting or the use of the internet, and the message will spread within a span of minutes. The enhanced communication has also reduced the number of victims of emergencies.

Communication over Large Distance

With the help of communication technology, it has become possible to communicate from one location to another. Communication technology does not have any boundaries. It is easy to communicate with a person who is in the other corner of the world. This is unlike the older forms of communication where distance was a challenge. The ease of this factor has played a very key role in transforming the world into a global village. Solving global issues as well as exchanging of ideas has also been enhanced through communication.


Communication technology also has its demerits as discussed below

Increased Cyber Bullying

With the use of communication technology, cyber bullying has become a common phenomenon. Communication has revolutionized cyber bullying to such an extent that cyber bullying takes place everywhere. Cases, when people post and send offensive messages, are increasing due to easy ways of sending information.

Not Always Reliable

Communication technology relies on networks. Some of the areas, especially in the countryside, do not have a well-developed network. The opportunities to communicate with the help of modern technologies in these places are limited or not effective at all.

Absence of Nonverbal Communication

The use of communication technology does not consider body language. It does not recognize the significance of body language which is present in human communication. The body language eliminates the chances of misunderstanding the messages that are presented. The body language also helps in understanding the mood and the tone of the person and it is, therefore, a very imperative part of communication.

One Is Not Sure Whom He Is Communicating With

With the use of communication technology, it is easy to text anyone.  The messages are sent instantly, and sometimes it is difficult to know whom you are communicating with. It is very easy to leak personal information or confidential messages to strangers because one is not sure that they are communicating with the right person. This is unlike the face to face communication where one is certain that he is talking with a specific person.

The issue of identity theft is also very prevalent due to the introduction of communication technology.  Fraudsters can easily get access to personal data that may lead to financial loss and the spoilt reputation. The companies’ and individuals’ data are not secure as it was before the introduction of communication technology. Hacking and cyber crimes have become the norm of the day.

Not Everyone Can Use The Communication Technology, And Resistance Is Also Eminent

Resistance in the adoption of communication technology is very eminent. Some people are not ready to adopt communication technology. It requires some skills to use it. It is unfortunate that there are a significant proportion of people who cannot use communicate with the help of technologies. The old people are not conversant with the technologies, and thus they cannot realize the benefits associated with them.

Ways in Which Communication Technology Can Be Used More Effectively

There are various ways in which communication technology can be used effectively. At first, when making a telephone call, one should maintain a focus to the other person. One should avoid distractions and multitasking since they will break communication.

It is advised to limit the use of social media, especially when at the workplace. The social media should be used as a marketing tool for the business.  It is also essential to use the email in the right way. One should not waste time checking emails after every minute. One should manage his time well and adopt a routine if checking emails after a specified time.

The text messages should also be used appropriately. When one is in an organization, texting should be minimized. A person should not waste time texting irrelevant messages. Instead, in an organization set-up, texting should be limited to important issues such as notifying people when a meeting has been rescheduled.

It is also important to manage the usage of communication technology. One should take a break when using these technologies so as to avoid overreliance. It’s better to refrain from wasting a lot of time with these technologies and look for the important activities that are scheduled.

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