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Sports Competition

Competition is one of the traditional essentials of human development as the olden people realized its importance in sports. One cannot imagine how sports would look like without competition. It is like a double-edged sword. Appropriate competition may heighten the performance of athletes as they chase their desire to win. Excessive competition, however, may make the players use harmful drugs to win. Looking at it closely, the perception of competition in sports depends largely on how the players define it. Life is full of conquerors and losers thus competition is necessary for sports to prepare the players for the certainties of life to always perform the best.

The feelings of challenge can change our thoughts and conduct. When athletes face their opponents, biological reactions such as amplified heart rates occur. Competition can, however, nurture bad choices. People seem to start out with sensible objectives, but they would want to win at any given cost. Coherent thinking is affected as one may find the opponents engaging in costly marketing operations to outshine one another or taint the competitor’s appearance. Players in football field have the attitude that winning is the most important thing. They thus end up compromising the ethics and moral standards despite the shortcomings. Players should act as role models to young children. Violence on the screen would incline to have a great influence on the behavior of children who feel withdrawn from the society. Competition in sports meant having greater skills and tactical ability, but now it means doing anything to win. Competition is quite necessary in sports. It is not necessarily having to win but doing the best to improve continuously. Self-discipline is essential to achieve a goal however long it takes. Players should have self-esteem and confidence that they can make it with more exercise and determination. Personal growth results when teens partake in group competitions and activities. They are also open to an array of entertaining opportunities that may encourage sluggishness such as video games. Physical health is enhanced thus giving them more steady moods, the optimistic feeling of cheerfulness and reduced feelings of hopelessness. Scholarship prospects are largely available for students who depict great abilities and athletic skills.

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The major dangers of competition in sports make it unnecessary. Parents should be aware of the probable downfalls since the youths have the exposure to peer pressure and nervousness that escalates their need to win. They experience severe physical pressure when too much is needed from them resulting in injuries and other ailments. For instance, wrestlers are forced to either gain or lose weight to contest which leads to restraining dieting that involves severe caloric deficiency. "Rivalry opens up the likelihood you might act unreasonably or dishonestly based exclusively on the association you have with your opponent". This ferocity serves to boost the growth of rivalry in our society regarding racial and religious backgrounds. Youngsters also find it very problematic to survive at an equilibrium with the many responsibilities of both academics and sporting. Parents should, therefore, communicate to them on how to handle the obstructions that may outcome. Similarly, the functioning of athletes can be altered due to great physical action. “Physical action can raise the level of pheromones and endorphins, brain substances that cause excitement. Exercise can also raise the serum testosterone level, which makes the heart beat quicker.” Audiences and participants feel the adverse effects of sorrow when a team loses in a match.

Personal development is a positive factor that student gain from healthy competition in sports. The drive of many sports events in schools is to establish and a stronger personal and interpersonal skill in students. Healthy rivalry raises a chance for students to network with peers, trainers and tutors. It helps them comprehend their aptitudes and flairs. Partaking in sports events not only assists teenagers in acquiring talents that relate to openings that are on playing field but also that are off the playing field. Competition can be very inspiring. Kilduff believes that beating a rival feels good in and of itself, beyond what else is perceptible at stake. According to researchers, “Kids who join in ordered games do better in school, have better status abilities, are more team focused, and are usually in good health”. It is through the competition that most of the youngsters cultivate good work morals that signify exercise and rewards willpower. In addition, the instructors and counselors can endorse the teens that depict good behavior to opportunities that might occur in future. Many players look to their trainers as figures of knowledge and authority. Also through healthy antagonism adolescents mature and improve abilities in self-confidence and team collaboration. They develop new ways of self-motivation, self-control and, personal accountability. These are some of the performances that today’s adolescences are missing. Hence, it is vital to encourage activities such as competition in sports that will help a teen develop more efficiently. “Sports build personality, impart team exertion, and inspire sportsmanship and reasonable play”.

Consequently, behind any healthy sports competition there is physical aptness. Competitors who play a part in sports increase their bodily capabilities and fitness levels. Studies show that engagements in sports activities help enhance teen’s concentration in their daily activities. Researchers are now discovering that competition also influences our thoughts, altering how we reason and perform during and after rivalry. "If you can play up the opposition with someone you are training with, it could improve motivation and performance”. The sports events keep children moving and involved in bodily activities that are vital to their general fitness and happiness. Observations show that during formative high school year’s teenagers bodies develop and change continually. Hence, such an issue creates the need to have activities such as sports that can help them learn how to scheme and regulate to their changing physique and bodily capacities. Also, involvement in games helps the body to generate productive elements that form more steady attitudes, the confirmatory state of happiness and remove nervousness levels and depression.

Also, participation in high school’s sport prepares teens to join colleges. Extracurricular activities are the necessities that most colleges review in a candidate’s records. Involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities are the source of a person’s capabilities to succeed in academics with extra tasks. It is a significant personality in a prosperous scholar since it validates student’s self-will and communal envelopment. An essential idea conveyed by trainers and teachers is that "playing the game is just like the game of life”. The instructions you acquire will stand you in good stead for the rest of your lifetime”. Moreover, most grant openings are accessible to students who exhibit good academics capabilities and healthy athletic abilities. Therefore, a student who aims to be successful should create time to extracurricular activities besides academics.

In conclusion, although physical consciousness is important for health and complete well-being, it is vital for youths, parentages, and trainers similarly to balance between bodily limits and the need to contest effectively. Knowledge of the welfares and challenges of participation in rivalry sports in high school can help make knowledgeable choices that lead to achievements in many fields. Therefore, teenagers should be encouraged to participate in healthy sports competition. However, a good attitude should be reflected when participating in games since it is a fostering chance for youngsters to achieve and accomplish the best in their bodily and emotional abilities. Hence, competition is necessary for sports for the interpersonal development of players.

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