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Islamic Culture

The contributions of the early Islamic society in the intellectual, scientific and cultural arenas cannot be overlooked. Early Islamic ideas resulted into great transformations in the areas of leadership, writers, scientific and technological innovation besides influencing the cultural characteristics of the ancient societies. 

Intellectually, the origin and foundations of algebra are associated with gifted mathematicians who reigned in the early Islamic era. Though considered to originate from Greece, the use of algebra was expanded by the Moslem mathematicians. It is from here that algebra spread to Europe through Spain. The ancient universities are often closely linked to the Moslems. As early as the ninth century, universities were being established in Baghdad, Cairo, Fez, among other Islamic regions. For example, the el-Azhar University based in present day Egypt is one of the oldest universities in the world.

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The intellectual prowess of the early Islamic society led to the invention of gunpowder. The Arabs learned after associating with the Chinese that the gunpowder could be used in the projection of a missile from chamber that is enclosed. Further, the Arabic influence lead to the European renaissance that later on led to the evolution and invention of textile fabrics for garment making. Scientific fields like physics and chemistry founded by Kamaaluddeen led to the discovery of refraction, used to date to explain primary and secondary rainbows. Further, the science of mechanics was developed in Islam by Moosa bin Shaakir.

In the area of culture, the Islamic religion, promoted the liberation of women across the world through advocating for equal rights between men and women. The Quran, for example, recognizes women as property holders with equal rights with men. The Islamic cultures in architecture, ceramics and literature have also spread to be part of the cultural aspects of the other non-Muslim societies.

In conclusion, the intellectual, scientific and cultural innovations and peculiarities of the early Islamic societies have shaped and continue to influence the global lifestyle both in the scientific, intellectual and cultural spheres.

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