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The diversity of restaurants in the world increases every year. One can find a great variety of restaurants with the most exotic and delicious cuisine which is able to satisfy even the most demandable gourmets. Nevertheless, the plenty of restaurants do not always mean the high quality of service and food. Hence, it was decided to analyze three restaurants in order to estimate their menus, provide a survey of the guests regarding their opinion about the restaurants, and come to a particular conclusion about the quality of the mentioned restaurants. In addition, basing on the survey, one could decide on the aspects that should be improved by the restaurants´ administrations. Hence, the purpose of this outlet is to identify the quality of the restaurants and to indicate their weak and strong sides.  

Tropicale Restaurant

Tropicale is a restaurant that is of casual style in Caribe Royale Hotel. The restaurant provides full service: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, it offers menu for children. The intended target customers of the restaurants are guests of the hotel who are of different age, including children. The age of the targeted group is from 4 years old to 60, both males and females.

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The hours of the restaurant´s operation are from 6.30 am till 11 pm. The types of menus that are offered by Tropicale are breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, and children menu. The breakfast menu has a great variety of items, which allows any person to find something preferable for him or her in particular. The lunch menu is also good and has a special feature – soup of the day, which means that this soup is different every day and prepared by the chef. However, this menu has one big disadvantage – it does not offer any beverages. The dinner menu is rather small and offers not as great diversity of courses as the breakfast and lunch menu. Besides, it also does not offer any drinks. Regarding serving the food to guests, one can state that it is also in a casual style in Tropicale. The cooks transmit the food and beverages from the preparation area to barmen and at the bar guests can take their courses. Therefore, in order to run an outlet, the restaurant needs chefs, cooks, and barmen, but no waiters or waitresses.

Conducting the survey among the guests of Tropicale restaurant, one can see that they like casual atmosphere and the lack of unnecessary attention from the restaurant´s employees. Besides, they like the breakfast menu that is full of various dishes to choose. However, they did not like the absence of any beverages in the lunch menu and the fact that they have to serve themselves taking their order from the bar. The participators of the survey stated that they would return to this restaurant because they liked the food and prices. They would recommend this restaurant to people who prefer casual style.

Basing on the customers´ comments, one can conclude that the administration of the restaurant should include beverages to the lunch menu. In contrast, creating a self-serving policy is a good idea for such casual restaurants and cafes. 

Norman´s Restaurant

 Norman´s is a gorgeous restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Both the interior and exterior of the restaurant are very beautiful and give guests an opportunity to watch wonderful landscapes. The intended target guests of this restaurant are businessmen and businesswomen. However, they can bring children with them. The restaurant even has a dress code: male guests should wear closed toe shoes and pants, while females should wear long pants or dresses. This rule concerns children as well. The age of guests is not limited. The hours of cooperation are from 6 pm till 10 pm.

Norman´s restaurant provides three types of menu: à la carte menu, dessert menu, and spirits. One can state that the menus of this restaurant are perfect. They contain a great variety of courses and a large assortment of strong alcohol beverages for any taste. In addition, the restaurant has three menus that refer to the wine list section: champagne and sparkling, white wines, and red wines. The waitresses and waiters in uniform serve the food from the preparation area to guests with the help of trays. The employees that are needed in order to run the outlet in the Norman´s restaurant are chefs, cooks, barmen, waitresses and waiters.

 Regarding Norman´s restaurant, the guests stated that liked everything about it, including the food and beverages. Among all the people who were surveyed, no one said that he or she disliked something in Norman´s restaurant. They will obviously return to this gorgeous restaurant and recommend it to friends, relatives, etc.

Based on the customer feedback, one can obviously state Norman´s restaurant is a good example of many other restaurants in how to cook courses and serve them.

Muze Restaurant

Muze is a restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Muze offers dishes of various countries´ origins. However, the restaurant does the main accent on Asian food and decorations.  The target customers of this restaurant are people of different genders and age, approximately from 4 years old to 60. The restaurant has a rather casual Asian style; therefore, there is no specific dress-code, just casual clothes. The hours of the restaurant´s cooperation are from 6.30 am till 10 pm.

This restaurant offers a great variety of menu types: breakfast menu, brunch menu, dessert menu, dinner menu, gluten-free dinner menu, gluten-free lunch menu, lunch menu, children breakfast menu, children lunch and dinner menu. Each menu does not have a great variety of dishes, but, if taking into account all of the menus that are offered in this restaurant, one can state that there are a lot of courses on the offer. In Muze restaurant, the food is served to guests from the preparation area by waitresses that are dressed in Asian style and carry the food on trays. For running the outlet in the above mentioned restaurant, one needs chefs, cooks, barmen and waitresses.

People who were surveyed in order to evaluate the work of the Muze restaurant said that they liked the Asian style, atmosphere, and friendly waitresses who wear amazing Asian clothes. They also like the diversity of the meals for children. However, the participants of the survey stated that they did not like the chairs that were not comfortable enough for the majority of the guests. In addition, the guests of the restaurant stated that sometimes they were served the dishes the ingredients of which did not match the ones that were described in the menu. In other words, if the restaurant ran out of cherry tomatoes, they replaced it with ordinary tomatoes, which is unacceptable without telling a guest about it in advance. As a result, 50 percent of the surveyed people stated that they would return again to this restaurant, while other 50 percent of the guests stated that they would not like to return to Muze restaurant and would not recommend it to other people.

Taking into account all the comments that the guests of the Maze restaurant provided, one can state that the administration of the restaurant needs to pay more attention to such small, for the first glance, details. One cannot replace one ingredient to another without telling a customer about it in advance due to some serious reasons. The first one is that the customer might have allergy for a particular product. The second one is that such replacement means that the customer may have a cheaper course for the price of more expensive one. One should realize that it is a very rude mistake that is made by Muze restaurant and that must be corrected and avoided in the future.


In this outlet, there is provided the analysis of such restaurants as Norman´s restaurant, Tropicale restaurant, and Muze restaurant. The choice of the restaurants was predetermined by their different styles of service, specific menus, cuisine, dress code and decorations. Taking into account the differences between the restaurants, one can provide the detailed analysis of all aspects of the restaurants. Each restaurant was very specific; for instance, Tropicale restaurant is of casual style, Muze is made in Asian style, and Norman´s is a gorgeous restaurant with dress code. In fact, they represent three main directions of any restaurant, which is glamorous, average or exotic one. Thus, the choice of the restaurants helps to observe the main features of the average restaurant in the United States of America. The analyzed restaurants are best for representing food and beverages outlet since they all have their website where one can see their menus, prices, and even watch the pictures of the courses so that one could choose what is better for him or her. Taking into consideration all the mentioned facts and details, one can state that this outlet shows strong and weak sides of all three restaurants with the detailed analysis and examples. 

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