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Fossil Oil

The American economy greatly relies on fossil fuels for the powering of the economy in areas such as transportation, energy and transport. Cohen estimates that America uses in the excess of 20 barrels of oil a day with the fossil fuels constituting 84% of the country’s total energy supply. This heavy and overdependence in fossil fuels may end up crumbling the economy mainly due to the source of the fossil fuels.

Tickell and Kaia points out that the dependence of America on fossil fuels is so high that when there is a shortage in supply, the country has to go into war (15). The essence of the military, which uses taxpayer’s money, is to restore calm and restore the normal energy supply to America. The government imports the oil from foreign nations that makes the nation dependant on other nations heavily.

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Cohen foresees a collapse in the economy if the heavy dependence does not cease. He further predicts acute shortages, high levels of environmental pollution as fossil fuels are the largest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world and high costs of funding leading to debt (73). No economy can run with an inadequacy in its energy supply as energy is what runs most of the industries and in essence the economy. The heavy funding on fossil fuels with the taxpayer’s money is reducing funding for education, health and social services.

America’s best alternative is to tap into its supply of abundant natural resources (Cohen 74). In that way it will generate energy sources that are clean, free from external factors and a self-dependant source of fuel. The money that initially was channeled out of the economy would be retained and be used to create jobs and better the delivery of social services.

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