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Accidents Are Caused by Human Errors

Human errors are the chief causes of accidents in the aircraft industry. It can take a single careless mistake from the aircraft crew to topple down an aircraft or even the whole company (Dupont, 2010). Therefore, in avoiding such instances, guidelines, rules and regulation enforcing safety maintenance must be established, implemented and enforced (Civil Aviation Authority). This dissertation will focus on the Relation between safe systems implementation in an aircraft maintenance organization or facility and carrying out a technical task as part of the aircraft maintenancein Hangar base maintenance.

According to State Compensation Insurance Fund Company website, the common hazards that need to be under considerable surveillance include aircraft chemicals, structures, machines and fellow individuals. Chemicals need caution to avoid explosion, corrosion, or catching fire. This can increase cases of accidents in the aircraft fields. Structures prove to be hazardous incases of inadequate lighting, unclear route guide marks, flabby construction materials and slippery floors. Machines need to be thoroughly checked and tested before being used (Dupont, 2010). This will reduce case of accidents by a large percent. Lastly, handling and controlling people’s movement appropriately will reduce crash on accidents.

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The researcher employed exploratory qualitative research design to determine in excavating the data necessary in this study. In selecting the most appropriate respondents, systematic random sampling was used to select a total of 102 participants selected in Etihad Airways. Data was collected using structured questionnaires, interview and observation approaches. Data collected was then analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences in combination with arithmetic computation.

Education and training forums on safety measures need to be emphasized among the workers, and crews in the air craft industry to reduce accidents. The need to follow the precaution measures and sound vigilance in safety maintenance has to be of top priority in the training and operation ground.

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