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Political Power

Politics and power are vital influences in most of the organization. Power is more often found within the position of authority. People often see politics when a person is endeavors to influence decision making within an organization without formal authority. This paper investigates how power and politics influences the management of an organization.

Power in a formal organization is defined as the ability to initiate one to perform a task that is required to be done. In addition, it is defined as the capability of making things run the way they are suppose to be done. Power is some time derived from the position of authority and the practice of power over a person to perform a job. An example could be that of chief executive officer of a company to exercise the power over other employees within an organization. A lower degree of power would be a situation where a supervisor of exercise authority over her subordinates. The level of power mostly is relative to the authority of the organization.

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Political power is the ability to influence, mold, control human behavior, and condition for the achievement of political goals. Organization politics is analyzed as management influenced by self interest through the means that are not authorized by the organization. Politics is distinct from power in a sense that it is derived from the ability to influence other people to act in a way that corresponds to your significant interests.

Political attitude is someone tries to sway a view, influences a decision making normally outside the control of that person. In some instances, politics and power are similar when the individual with power is also attempting to have approval for an unpopular verdict and get team affiliates on board. Politicking is exercised at after work activities, company meeting and social gathering. Politics and power work together to the purpose of achieving organization goals.

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