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Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy, a fashion icon, was nationally and internationally recognized by the American society in the 1960s. Being the wife of the President of the United States John Kennedy, she was a charming woman who settled her own style (Davis, 1995). Jackie Kennedy as a fashion icon has had much influence on me and my attitude to fashion and style. Since I started following her fashion trends, she became one of my leaders in the fashion industry. I love fashion and even a little envy the people that have made notable progress in this sphere. Jackie Kennedy had perfect style even in a very young age and by the time she got married to John Kennedy, she had already become a fashion icon to many women all over the world. One of her most fashionable trends that set the style of the early 1960s include neat suits, sleeveless dresses and hats that she wore and designed. Jackie Kennedy’s style and appearance have much influence on my personality, on my attitude to fashion and on my apprehending of stylish trends. As I am a big admirer of fashion industry, Jackie Kennedy was a great example of a woman who reached a big success in fashion. I even have dream to become as successful as she was and more so to have an influence on other women styles.

My choice of Jackie Kennedy as my fashion icon has developed after watching several fashion shows that featured her. In addition, my friend, who is a big admirer of fashion, provided me with some fashion magazines devoted to Jackie Kennedy and her style. As a result, I have become interested in her fashion trends. The fact that she was the first lady of the United States helped to boost her popularity in the fashion industry. However, I was more interested in her activities in the fashion industry than in her political position. Jackie knew that a lot of attention was always turned to her personality and she never disappointed her fans. Actually, what I liked most about Jackie Kennedy was the way she could surprise everybody with her dressing and matching colors. My aunt used to tell me a lot about Jackie Kennedy and her contribution into fashion industry; she had a potent influence on the Whitehouse with her first-class high-quality taste, showing the gratitude of history and arts through her dressing. She did this in a manner that captured the imagination of the universe. The famous article on how to dress like Jackie Kennedy that was printed in a local fashion magazine also played a vital role in developing of my interest for fashion and Jackie Kennedy as a personality. In 1960s, Lady Jackie Onassis was one of the prime fashion icons in the history of fashion industry, with an air of ladylike charm and young grace. Her fashionable style still inspires women all over the world (Bradford, 2000).


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My family, being aware of my love to fashion and my big desire to make progress in this sphere, has been in the forefront of supporting my attempts. All the members of my family were very supportive in everything fashion related I did. Nowadays many people consider the stylish trends of Jackie Kennedy out-of-date, due to the fact that there are so many new fashion trends as well as new world recognized fashion icons. However, I prefer to follow my ideal of perfect woman, Jackie Kennedy, who inspired me to change and improve my dressing tastes. Although some of my friends prefer to emulate up-to-date fashion icons and call me a little bit old-fashioned, I have understood that one should not change as quickly as fashion trends do, but follow the principles of dressing that are the most appropriate to one’s personality.

Emulating Jackie Kennedy has helped me to boost my self-esteem as I have become more elegant and presentable. The Jackie’s style of the iconic glasses and the tweed suits inspired me and turned me to a strong independent woman. Physically, the fashion style of Jackie enables me to stay young and at the same time look mature despite the changing trends in the fashion industry in the 21st century (Bradford, 2000). Jackie Kennedy will always be on the top of the list as one of the most stylish women. Following her fashion trends has helped to become more self-confident, giving me an insight of beauty and fashion.

Jackie Kennedy fashion icon and my desire to following her style of dressing have helped me to understand the social issues and how to relate with other people. I have come to realize that people will always judge you based on how you are dressed and the way you present yourself to the audience. For instance, I have understood that there are different types of dressing depending on various occasions. I have learnt to dress appropriately for different events. For instance, when Jackie Kennedy made a visit to the Pope in 1962, she wore a black long sleeved and floor skimming dress by Oleg Cassini. She looked amazing and at the same time had a very presentable appearance (Davis, 1995). Jackie Kennedy icon has helped many women in dressing in a modest way, for example to choose the colors wisely. As for me, I am particularly fond of her favorite mix of neutral hue of gray with beige, the blend of orange and pink that usually makes women look young and elegant. The combination of the white and black is a classic mix of colors that makes a woman look calm especially when the white color is on the bottom. One of Jackie’s principles while choosing colors was to choose natural cloth materials such as silk, linen and cotton.

The most emphasized stylish items used by Jackie Kennedy which characterize her fashion style include the white gloves, white pearls, and tweed suits. When I became interested in the fashion industry, I have noticed several aspects, for instance, I have learnt to maintain a good posture. From an article which enclosed the secret of Jackie Kennedy’s elegant look, I found out that her perfect posture is an important element of her charming appearance. Since posture is something that one can practice and develop, I have decided to have an elegant posture. The tastes and preferences change with time, so I have changed as well, and now I am fond of engaging myself in activities that make others happier. For example, I have recently decided to take part in charity work and organize social events such as modeling competition for young girls. Lastly, thanks to Jackie Kennedy my style of dressing is decent and presentable, despite the fact that the modern fashion trends are totally different from her style.

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