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Minors are those people who are below a certain age that demarcate childhood to adulthood. Depending on the law that governs a country the age may differ from one country to the other. Often the age is usually below eighteen years in most countries.  This research proposal seeks to investigate why minors should be treated as minors. According to the law minors should treated differently with adult.

Firstly, the basic question is, are minors capable of comprehending the subsequent result of their actions. The recent research which suggest that the brains prefrontal lobes, which some researchers contemplate plays a vital role in inhibiting inappropriate manners, perhaps may not reach full development capacity until age of 20 years. Therefore, minors do not have the moral or intellectual capacity to understand the result of their actions. In addition, they lack the capacity to be defendants of the trials.

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Minors are not in a position of having an access to deadly weapons. It is argued that adults are the one who provide minors with weapons and use them in violent crime. Adults who provide kids with these deadly weapons should be deemed liable for the crime committed by the minors.  

International law indicates that minors should be treated as minors in criminal law.  In criminal law, guilty of violating criminal law not only depend on the physical act committed but also the intentions of the act. The law indicates that minors should not form the requisite intent to be found guilty of the crime. Minors are tried in juvenile courts while adults are taken to the criminal courts. This is an indication that minors should be treated in different perspectives from adults. It is also indicated that the juvenile courts system will rehabilitate minor more effectively than criminal court system.

This research proposal outlines the reasons why minors should be treated as minors. There are advantages associated with treating minors in different ways as adults.  

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