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Nothingness: Vantablack

For quite a long time there have been arguments on whether there is a possible of the existence of nothing that is, nothingness. Considering the most essential and foundational aspects of philosophy nothingness is viewed globally after that analysis integrated dimensions in the concept. This paper, therefore, compares and contrasts known facts about the Vantablack material manufactured in Surrey NanoSystems Britain. Nothingness involves answering several mind- boggling tasks. These tasks include; something rather than nothing, the existence of an empty world, the creation of explanatory frameworks, a hindrance to concrete units, possibility dilemmas, the basis of positive truth, a deductive negotiation, metaphysics neutrality, the idea of distinct nothings, and the aspect of an existing nothing amongst other dimensions.

Experimentally a conclusion has t be drawn from an existing observation failure to which there will be no observation. Therefore scientists work with evidence of the existence of something. Therefore if there isn’t an existence, then there is no ground for arguments according to scientists. Philosophers associate the prior beliefs in non-existence of something are only acceptable about a known instance of existence. Therefore one has to accept that nothing exists before any arguments.  The following paper compared the two types of nothing using Vantablack as a reference point.

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Nothingness means absence of something in the world yet in nothingness there is always something. In the faculty of intuitive astuteness section of the Science Museum in London a male human being is observed beyond a wall made of glass. The facial complexion of this male human being resembles the one of a journalist in BBC, Marty Jopson about seven inches height. This image is well fitted in all dimensions. However, just beside it along the growth of facial hair between the nose and his upper lip there is nothing noticeable about this sculptural portrayal of this man head. Just beside it, there is a sculptural portrait that confuses the mind in a way. It resembles Jopson's portrait. However, it seems holes have been made in the portrait revealing spaces filled with darkness. The touch on the face diminishes into a soothing atmosphere, and the dimension of this portrait can only be established through lateral viewing. This misery is as a result of the Vantablack which is believed to be the darkest human-made material on earth. The outer layer that overwhelms virtual light was made by the Surrey Nanosystems in Britain. It abolishes light that has taken a wrong path in the in satellites and telescopes at work.

Nothing denotes nonexistence, however, it also means the invisible truth. Vantablack is not in reality a color. Generally, human beings visualize colors when light bounces off from materials back to our eyes. Therefore assorted light incidences result into different colors. Thus Vantablack is not a color instead it is a substance. It consists of numerous very small tubular carbon tubes of breadth the same as that of an atom. The study shows that light do not bounce they are absorbed therefore in Vantablack there is no color.

One form of nothingness is irreplaceable and valuable. Vantablack cannot be purchased. Vantablack is not painting therefore cannot be found in paint bucket neither can we use brush nor paint using it on walls or even boards. In the Surrey Nanosystems industry, Vantablack manufacturing undergoes several procedural steps to be formed. To a great surprise, Vantablack can be bought, and it is one of the most expensive pigments.

The feeling associated with its touch doesn’t concur with its appearance. Everyone who comes across it wants to feel it. Their expectations revolve around its smooth velvet appearance.  However, practical touch portrays a different expression from the one insinuated from its appearance. Upon touch, Vantablack feels soft and even due to the sudden fall of the tubular small, numerous carbons when pressed. The nanotubes are longer than their circular lengths thus remain erect in the atmosphere, but in the case of a touch, it immediately falls. These qualities of Vantablack makes is one of the best coatings on most of the electronic facilities and machinery used in the world today.

The study shows that Vantablack has negligible weight when weighed. Even though Vantablack is responsive to touch as a stimulus it is strong when it comes to sudden impact and an instinctively sensed emotional aura or precisely atmosphere vibes. These features are due to the negligible mass of the small, numerous tubular carbons in Vantablack. Vantablack black, for this reason, can provide an ideal atmosphere for keeping safe items subjected to atmospherically vibes like in a space operation.

Nothingness seeks vision for attain, while the one is clueless. Vantablack is seen to have more than intended its uses. Initially, Vantablack was made for the engineering fields, for example, a space operation where due to its capability to abolish wrongly directed rays in a telescope. Studies show, however, that Vantablack can be used in other areas conveniently as well. For instance having Vantablack fitted as part of a wrist watch and as part of the dashboards in the motor vehicle industry. There are evidences or indicators of phones making industries seeking for Vantablack as part of their requirements to make these gadgets. There is equally a vociferation of some of the artists seeking for Vantablack magic to execute bewildering pieces of artistic work on stage. The Vantablack manufacturing company so far has permitted Kapoor, one of the Artists to incorporate Vantablack magic in the pieces of work done in these presentations as a sculptor. Vantablack being a new item in the industry, however, has not been subjected to several serious restrictions. Even though everybody wants to have an encounter with Vantablack it's evident that they cannot extend a monetary equivalence to the material.

Vantablack will shortly constitute portions of our garments. Assuming the known properties of Vantablack, this material can be important aspects of black garments. This vision is farfetched and might probably take some time for its realization in clothes. However, it might not be accorded astonishment in the event of having it in our garments instantly!

The aspects of Vantablack are contradicting Thus from the above discussion the material implies the absence of color. It's black and a level feeling experienced when touched its absence. Equally, several people associated black with no light at all. In the facial sculptor of the journalist, an observer has to take the time to understand the magic in a Vantablack artistic piece of work. Vantablack cannot be bought yet it is more expensive than gold and diamonds. Touching and starring at the appearance of a Vantablack portrays different things but when touched it feels they way it appears. Vantablack cannot be used in most fields, but it is clear that it has been used and is yet to be incorporated in different industries in different ways. Vantablack cannot be used soon in the manufacture of clothing, however; soon it will be seen forming part of clothes seen along the streets in States. These amongst other facts about Vantablack leaves the reader confused and in between contrasting concepts about a single item, Vantablack! The idea of Vantablack in this research work is to comprehensively elaborate the concept of nothingness in the world today according to different philosophers. 

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