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Immigration and Racism

The research question is effect of Racism on immigrants living in the United States of America. Racism is a perception that differences in human races can determine individual achievement on the basis that their respective race is superior. This hands them the right to rule others. Racism divides people and makes people to feel it is okay to treat people badly. Racism includes the individual barriers that prevent them from performing well in life.

Racism is a topic of interest because it plays a role of dividing people. Individuals affected by racism are oppressed and discriminated. Discrimination in the society brings inequality and how we relate to each other in the society. It is important to understand racism and the benefit of ending it.

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Research designs are the methods and procedures used to conduct a research. Research designs are of many types. Interviews and note taking were used to collect data to develop a deeper understanding of racism. The ability to write short notes comes as a skill and art. The main aim was to get an understanding of human behavior associate to racism. The interview had its merits in the sense that it is quite practical; it can be conducted by the researcher as well as any number of individuals and have limited effects on its reliability and validity. Results from the interview can be easily and quickly quantified by use of a software package Copious amounts of information can be obtained within a short time frame in a cost-effective manner through this avenue. The results of the interview can be analyzed in a more objective and scientific manner compared to other avenues of research. There are, however, demerits ascribed to this research method; the interview inadequate in capturing some form of information that an individual is not comfortable revealing on a one-on-one basis. It carries restrictive informational dispensation without further explication, but may prompt the interviewee to elicit some information that ought to be private. There is also some imposition by the researcher moderating the interview by assuming what is important and what is not.

I found out that racism causes oppression among the individuals affected. Racism has hurt many people in different ways and is a very touchy subject. Aggressive behavior towards certain members of the society makes them feel discriminated. People like John who are targeted by racism should help each other to overcome the war against racism. Individuals targeted by racism should look for an opportunity to be listened and supported. Racism is not a natural factor. It is practiced and it means that it is important to create awareness to stop racism in the early stages of childhood.

Data was analyzed using Daily Interpretive Analysis .It is involves assembling and interpreting the data collected during the interview. It is vital to review the notes taken during the interview and write a detailed report on the topic.

It emerges that anthropological research, primal research tools are used to collect data, pursuant to which the collected data is presented, described, and consequently analyzed. A conclusive tenet of the afore-mentioned data follows suit, with resolute recommendations projected in light of espousing better relations between different individuals hailing from diverse anthropological backgrounds. I have learnt that through research, individuals are able to sufficiently answer pressing questions and conclusively meet their research objectives, ultimately finding solutions to incumbent problems. An analytical presentation of the accrued information gathered from research is used by researchers to this end.

My research relates to the class reading in that our minds are full of the wrong information about the people who have skin color. It delved into the tenet of racial stereotyping as well as cultural diversity. It shed light on the manner in which individuals hailing from different backgrounds associate with other individuals and the personal biases they have in associating with them. My personal identity and experience enabled me to conduct the research in a very neutral manner since I have interacted with multiple races and am aware that they are all human beings of equal stature. I, therefore, was not judgmental and only functioned to conduct the research and gather the requisite information. In continuing with this research, I would publish my findings in a local newspaper and enlighten the populace based on the results of my research, without any alterations to my findings.

I would use this research to impact the world positively by highlighting the negative effects ascribed to this vice. I would build the capacity of the populace by intimating that just like the heartbeat, being racists is not considerably imperative until a person decides to stop doing it. Holding the opinion that there is an actual difference between races is not bad; however, mistreatment of people according to race is exceptionally appalling. The ‘badness’ of racism is displayed in the consequence on the people involved. I would present my findings and highlight that whether in the majority group or the minority, the effects of racism are far-fetched. For a person to understand the effects of racism on humanity, one should look at the social impact that racism has on society especially in relation to interracial conflict. Racism is highly dangerous due to the obvious risk of fuelling interracial conflict.

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